No bull with raging Robert. Robert m massimi.

Jake LaMotta, the former middleweight champion whose life in and out of the ring was depicted in the film Raging Bull, for which Robert De Niro won an Academy Award, has died, his fiancee said Wednesday. He was 95. LaMotta died Tuesday at a Miami-area hospital from complications of pneumonia, according to fiancee Denise Baker. […]

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No Bull With Raging Robert. (Robert Massimi)

The Clinton Hypocrisy.

Hillary Rodham Clinton should have been a man because she has the biggest balls I have ever seen!  How does this lady have the audacity to compare Trump to Weinstein when her husband was the biggest whore monger in Washington!  The nerve of this lady who will say anything to cover up her husbands infidelities and her embarrassing lose for President.

Her comments were as dumb as her daughters comments about white privilege. Chelsea Clinton for all of who don’t know, lives in a 10 million dollar NYC apartment and makes $900,000.00 a year running the fraudulent, pay for play Clinton Foundation.

Bill Clinton should have recently been arrested for having sex with under age girls in the Dershowitz  , Epstein scandal that got killed in the left wing press.

For Hillary Clinton to speak out against anyone in regards to infidelity she needs to look no further then her sleazy husband. This lady has no shame. Crooked Hillary should have been indicted for Benghazi,  the email scandal and her shakedowns with Government officials when she was Secretary Of State. She made deals with hostel Nations, rogue Nations and anyone who would contribute to her Foundation.

The Clintons, daughter included are a bunch of fraud, criminals  and snake oil salesman, real Elmer Gantry’s.

NO Bull With Raging Robert ( Robert M. Massimi)

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Barefoot In The Park  at The Chatham Playhouse is a wonderful production with really good acting. For a community theater, the direction is well done, the sound effects are fantastic. The play is based upon a newly married couple who are complete opposites. The wife fixes her mother up with a wacky, adventurous next door neighbor, to say the least the night is a complete disaster. As the play comes to a conclusion, all four characters change a little.

Robert Massimi recommends this show.


Plays to see before they close: War Paint, Beautiful, The Play That Goes Wrong.

Going To The Poe play this weekend, what better time to see Edgar Allan then Halloween!

Friend saw Springsteen , said he needed a teleprompter  to discuss his life, (odd).

The Fringe continues at The Soho Playhouse till mid November.

Looking forward to M Butterfly with Clive Owen. I have never seen him on stage before.

The Bands visit is a big rage in NYC at the moment.


Consumer confidence at an all time high. With a business man at the helm, cutting taxes, stimulating growth and removing regulations, Americans are starting to believe that the U.S. is finally starting to move in the right direction. Under career politicians, America was losing jobs at the factory level, decimating neighborhoods ie, South side Chicago, Paterson NJ, St Louis, on and on and on. Today, Americans are starting to feel that there jobs will not be shipped to India, China, Viet Nam  or Bangladesh.

Trump has started to implement what any smart businessman would do, keep jobs here, invest in manufacturing, brick and mortar, not pipe dreams like Solindra, that career politician Barack Obama did. Obama, our worst President since Carter, threw good money after bad ideas.

With Trumps success, lifetime politicians like John MC Cain and Chuck Shummer   keep criticizing him I think because he is not establishment and say s what he means rather then window dressing like the “SWAMP RATS” we have in Washington.

Robert Massimi believes that we need business people in Washington, that we need to get rid of Pelosi, Shummer, MC Cain, Graham, Mc Connell. We need to drain the swamp of career idiot politicians and make America first without the lobbyist.


Hollywood Hypocrisy.  Left wing Hollywood types are running for the hills. Ben Affleck is under fire for his groping incidents. Matt Damon, with his alleged high IQ, doesn’t remember any facts about Harvey Weinstein’s predatory behavior  when he played in The Talented Mr. Ripley.

Guess who else is quiet on the matter? Hilary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama. You may recall that Obama’s daughter was a summer intern for Weinstein. Both the Clinton’s and Obama’s were Hugh recipients of campaign donations. Neither have given back the donations that Weinstein gave them of course

Hollywood, who champions themselves on equal rights, equal pay, the environment and many other causes has shown time after time what hypocrites they are.   Women make less in Hollywood, they sexually abuse women, and they fly private jets everywhere they go.

People are starting to get tired of Hollywood, Washington and most athletes and entertainers. All of the aforementioned think they are entitled.