Instead Of Reporting The News, Liberals Taint It.

Neighbor Who Broke Rand Paul’s Ribs Has Sentence Overturned for Being Too LightCalls for Wilbur Ross’ Resignation Rain Down Amid Report He Threatened NOAA FiringsHouse Dems Investigating Trump, Giuliani’s Efforts to ‘Pressure’ Ukraine for Election AssistanceJudge Blocks Trump Admin’s Asylum Ban, Cites ‘Need to Maintain Uniform Immigration Policy’Federal Judge Holds Entire US Attorney’s Office in Contempt of Court
Conservative Network Files $10M Defamation Lawsuit Against Rachel Maddow, MSNBC
by Colin Kalmbacher | 1:04 pm, September 9th, 2019

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Robert Massimi.
Big league pig Rachael Maddow (or Mad Cow),is being sued as she recklessly distorts her on air report. MSNBC with it’s horrible newscasters, languishes at the bottom of news ratings and it’s no wonder with the likes like A HOLES like Donahue, Morning Joe and the like. Socialists to the core MSNBC is the epitamy of junk journalism.
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The owner of right-leaning cable news channel One America News Network (OANN) has filed a defamation lawsuit against Rachel Maddow and others claiming that the 46-year-old liberal commentator “maliciously and recklessly” smeared the network as a Russian state propaganda outlet.

In a press release obtained by Law&Crime, attorneys for OANN’s owner Herrring Networks, Inc. said they filed a $10 million defamation lawsuit against Maddow, Comcast Corporation, NBC Universal and MSNBC in a California federal court.

The lawsuit tracks a series of longstanding grievances between OANN and Comcast.

According to the press release, the complaint alleges that Comcast refused to carry the right-wing network because OANN “counters the liberal politics of its own channel, MSNBC.” One week after that, OANN’s founder Charles Herring sent an open email to Comcast deriding their alleged “anti-competitive censorship.”

Maddow apparently responded in turn, defending her own network’s owners by blasting OANN and telling her own audience the right-wing network “really literally is paid Russian propaganda.” As you can see, the plaintiff claimed that counsel for NBC Universal said in a letter that by “literally” Maddow meant “not being literally true.” This was apparently part of the response to an OANN retraction demand.

A copy of NBC Universal counsel Amy Wolf’s letter shows that Maddow’s comments were made in the context of discussing a Daily Beast report on OANN reporter Kristian Rouz. That report was headlined, “Trump’s New Favorite Channel Employs Kremlin-Paid Journalist.”
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Whether It’s Jagger, Brosnan or Sutherland… No One Cares About Your Political Views.

Robert Massimi.
Athletes, Entertainers or Musicians should know this: no one cares about your political views. To fly to Venice on a private jet like Sutherland and Jagger did, then complain about global warming is the height of hypocrisy. Brosnan lives in Hawaii now, but is from Ireland originally, if you don’t like my president or how we do things here, go back to Ireland. The same for Sutherland… Go back to Canada.
Read Below:
Mick Jagger blasts Trump for bad manners, lies, environment
AFPSeptember 7, 2019
Venice (AFP) – Rock legend Mick Jagger attacked US President Donald Trump for his rudeness and lies Saturday and for “tearing apart” environment controls when America should be setting the standard for the world.

The Rolling Stones singer said he was “absolutely behind” young climate change activists who had earlier occupied the red carpet at the Venice film festival, where he was starring in the psychological thriller, “The Burnt Orange Heresy”.

Jagger said he deplored how politics has descended into name-calling, “including in my own country this week” — a reference to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson comparing opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to a “big girl’s blouse” and a “chlorinated chicken”.

The icon, now 76, bewailed “the polarisation and incivility in public life”, although the one-time bad boy of 1960s rock admitted he was “not always for civility” himself.

“But when you see it now… in so many countries, including my own this last week, but particularly the US, it’s a sea change.

“It is not about manners,” Jagger insisted, saying he was fearful about “where all this polarisation and rudeness and lying is going to lead us.”

More worrying still, said the singer, was that what little environmental safeguards there were were being swept away across the globe.

– ‘Vote them out’ –

“We are in a very difficult situation at the moment, especially in the US, where all the environmental controls that were put in place — that were just about adequate — have been rolled back by the current administration so much that they are being wiped out,” he added.

Jagger, who rarely comments on politics, said “the US should be the world leader in environmental control but now it has decided to go the other way.

“I am so glad that people feel so strongly about that that they want to protest,” he said, referring to young activists from Greta Thunberg’s Friday for Future movement who sprayed “Listen to your children” and “Make the red carpet green” on the festival’s red carpet.

Co-star Donald Sutherland echoed his call to protest, and urged people to take to the streets and vote out Trump, Johnson and Brazil’s far-right leader Jair Balsonaro.
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Theater Review. Cooping- Who Killed Poe.

Robert Massimi.

Poe enthusiasts will love what’s playing at the RPM Underground. The play starts out with a Medium arriving to reach out to the spirit of Poe. The Society seeks answers to Poe’s death. A seance ensues and quickly goes awry. This is where the play gets to be fun and for the next hour and fifteen minutes we see an immersive play put forth.. Audience members get to interact and get involved directly with the actors and it’s all great good fun.

Edgar Allen Poe was a writer of many firsts : He is credited with being the first detective fiction novelist, the first well-known American writer to make a living out of writing and he is considered for starting romanticism with his poetry and short stories. Poe’s following today is as broad and vast as any writer ever to live.

Today, more and more Poe faithfuls are questioning just how Poe died. Was it TB? Brain Congestion? Suicide? Or cooping (people beaten to death if they did not vote multiple times for a candidate). It seems Poe’s death is as mysterious as one of his essays.

Born in Boston Massachusetts, Poe would lose his mother, wife and sister to consumption. Often fighting with his stepfather, Poe began to write under an assumed name “a Bostonian “. He wrote Tamerlane and other poems under this name in 1827. Poe went on to write literary journals and periodicals of note. Around this time in his life he married his 13 year old cousin, Virginia Clemm. It was during the same year, 1836, he wrote The Raven.

Poe’s death is and was a mystery, dishevelled and not wearing his own cloths, Poe was walking around Baltimore talking to himself. Poe seemed dilerious calling out repeatedly the name Reynold. Poe would die soon after in a hospital.

To this day, always on the anniversary of his death, The Poe Society honors this great writer. At the RPM Underground, they do a nice job also in remembering this great writer. The whole evening is a joy to behold. In typical edgy Poe, the mystery, the mystique that is Poe is captured in this performance. For the Poe lover, this is a superb evening out and a memorable one.

Edgar Allen Poe is one of the world’s most popular writers with a penchant for the dark side. Poe’s life too was dark and it reflected in his work. Poe lived hard, a huge drinker and gambler, he lived as he wrote, hard charging with nothing left on the table.

At the RPM, the production company brings out the mood, the genre which is Poe. In true fashion, we are left with many questions unanswered and we leave as in awe of the mysterious, great writer as when we entered. Somethings just never get answered and Poe’s life and the way he lived it is one of them.

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The Left Wing Loons Now Banning Mascots.

MASCOT MADNESS: School spirit symbols on the chopping block nationwide
Celine Ryan
Celine Ryan
Investigative Reporter
on Sep 04, 2019 at 5:00 AM EDT
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College mascots at colleges around the country are under scrutiny.
From Colonials to Pioneers to Native Americans, many of these symbols of school spirit are on the chopping block.

Colleges and universities across the country are axing “offensive” mascots.

From Washington, D.C. to Maine and from to Illinois to California, more and more mascots are falling prey to political correctness.
Robert Massimi.
“glorifies the act of systemic oppression…” Tweet This
1. Colonials

Despite the school being named after an actual colonial, students at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. have launched a campaign to replace the “Colonial” mascot with one without so “deep a connection to colonization.”

Although the university has not officially responded to the student vote to remove the mascot that they say “glorifies the act of systemic oppression,” it recently renamed a building called Colonial Center the Student Services Hub.

2. Pioneer
Screengrab: YouTube/Denver Boone

After failed attempts to replace retired mascot “Denver Boone,” the University of Denver now has no official mascot. Until recently, the school’s “Pioneer” nickname was the only remaining official unifying symbol for students. Amid controversy, the school has begun quietly removing the word “pioneer” from student ID cards and other official university documents and communication, despite insisting that it still embraces the nickname.

3. “Prospector Pete” the 49er
Screengrab: YouTube/The 908 Show- The Story of Prospector Pete

The radical left will stop at nothing to intimidate conservative students on college campuses. You can help expose them. Find out more »

California State University, Long Beach’s long-standing “Prospector Pete” mascot was relieved of his duties in 2018 because he represented the California Gold Rush, or as the university president put it, “a time in history when the indigenous peoples of California endured subjugation, violence, and threats of genocide.”

4. Chief Illiniwek
Screengrab: YouTube/Chief Illiniwek 1993

In summer 2019, a University of Illinois commission advised the “public retirement” of the Native American mascot after critics deemed him to be offensive to indigenous peoples. Others characterized the change as an “attempt to purge” Native representation at the university.

5. Cowboys

In 2018, two dozen professors banded together to demand that the University of Wyoming cease the use of its marketing campaign slogan “the world needs more cowboys,” because, as one professor put it, “the word ‘cowboy’ invokes a white, macho, male, able-bodied, heterosexual, U.S.-born person.” The university stood its ground and continued use of the slogan, which turned out to be a success, generating a $38,000 increase in royalties over the previous year.

6. Any possible Native American mascot you haven’t even thought of yet

The entire state of Maine has placed an outright ban on any mascot that “depicts or refers to a Native American tribe, individual, custom or tradition.” Democrat Gov.Janet Mills called such mascots a “source of pain and anguish” for Native communities.

Follow the author of this article on Twitter: @celinedryan

Will you help expose liberal bias on America’s campuses?

Campus Reform exposes the liberal bias and abuse against conservatives on America’s colleges and universities.

As a Campus Reform reader, you know about the abuse taking place at our nation’s higher education institutions, and you know how important it is to bring these stories to light.

College campuses are no longer bastions of higher learning. Leftist professors indoctrinate students with their agendas. They even silence conservative students with their attempts to suppress free speech.

Campus Reform depends on the financial support of concerned Americans like you to report on leftist indoctrination on college campuses and uncover the blatant misconduct of university administrators, faculty, and students.


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‘Antifa’ prof plans on suing community college…still taking a salary

Celine Ryan
Celine Ryan | Investigative Reporter
Celine Ryan is the Investigative Reporter for Campus Reform, reporting on liberal bias and abuse on campus for Campus Reform. Celine was previously a New Hampshire California Senior Campus Correspondent for Campus Reform.

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Theater Review.

A Thinking Person’s Play.

Robert Massimi.

Betrayal is a deep, wordy, thinking-person’s play, with both great acting and staging. At the Jacobs Theatre, the audience is treated to three really great actors of the day, and one great writer… Harold Pinter. The play’s genre is one of edginess—a noir, if you will—set forth with deft lighting and direction.

Betrayal is a play that starts in the end, and works itself backwards in a simple but effective set. We witness the main three characters on stage, the entire 90 minutes of intermission-less action. Robert (Tom Hiddleston) and Jerry (Charlie Cox) are best friends, and have been in the publishing business since they left Cambridge and Oxford, respectively. As we work back in time, we see the interaction between the two, and their love for Emma (Zawe Ashton), who is considered to be one of the most unique actresses working today. All three actors have that British coolness to them. They banter about, and, at times, the play is down-right hysterical. In an understated way, Betrayal hits all the senses. Emma’s love for Charlie, and her love in a more distant way for Robert, leaves the audience wondering throughout where this journey will take us. We go back seven years in this journey. It is full of non-stop fulfillment in a great theatrical experience.

Jon Clark, the lighting designer, does a wonderful job in keeping the moods of understatement and edginess to the evening’s performance. Touching on romance lighting, we pick up the rawness that the show has to offer. The mood of the lighting accentuates the characters in front of us, and the lives that they lead. Often leading a double life, we see the characters ebb and flow under the core backbeat of Clark’s lighting.

In Betrayal, it is as much of the subtleties as it is what is obvious to the audience. Halfway through the show, the stage has been cut down about 75 percent. It brings the three in tight to give the effect of them being trapped in, because of the betrayal. In marvelous direction by Jamie Lloyd, we see the three with less freedom and fewer options. Brilliantly done, the three are boxed in, and yet they don’t know it. They go about their lives as usual, not knowing that what was in front of them at the beginning would be a fruitless endeavor. The unmistakable genius of Pinter starting this play at the end and working forward is that we see just how the lives of these three individuals end up, followed by a happier beginning.

Lloyd has the three actors in a refined, elegant manner. These people don’t scream or yell… we almost wonder if Robert has a pulse in reaction to him finding out about the affair (we later find out that he beats her at times). Pinter systematically takes all three apart as the play goes on. Tom’s aloofness gets spun into a lying web of deceit. Charlie is a nervous wreck, wondering if his best friend will ever find out the nasty truth of his underhanded tactics. Emma, the cool-cat, is indecisive about what she is doing. Clark makes Ashton so removed from the feelings that she shares with both men that we are left in wonderment as to what is on her mind, and what she actually feels.

From Soutra Gilmour’s costumes to splendid direction and superb acting, Betrayal is a winner. This play is not for everyone, however. Betrayal is a wordy play—a very deep play that requires the utmost attention. The audience must be focused and attentive to enjoy and understand this production. Betrayal has been done on Broadway before, but it has not been done with such a razor sharp edge to it. A more trendy production, Pinter is front and center… raw, in your face, and forceful. Never outlandish in any way, Betrayal hits you, knocks you out—and the audience doesn’t know it’s been knocked out. This play slowly lulls you with jabs, before hitting you with that devastating hook.

Hanoi Jane Fonda.

Robert Massimi.
What spreads faster than radiation? Jane Fonda…. so goes the joke. Jane, “Hanoi Jane” Fonda is at it again. The Liberal Hollywood Ho is telling us what we need to do. This comes from a woman who was born into Hollywood, acted through nepotism and went to Hanoi, Vietnam and was never shot for being a treasonist. Who really care what Jane Fonda has to say, for one, she is a moron, two, Hollywood, liberal elitist and three, so far out of touch still that it is scary.
Read Below:
The only way to take back our country is one person at a time
Jane Fonda, The Washington Post Published 3:11 pm EDT, Friday, August 30, 2019


I’m scared. I’m scared for our democracy, for our ability to live together in community across lines of race, class and religion. I’m scared for my grandchildren and for the planet. The country is contorted and polarized, with the flames of hate fanned by leaders at the highest level. But I saw a path forward recently in Scranton, Pennsylvania, where I spent a hot, humid evening knocking on doors with Working America. (By the way, when I do this, I only give my first name and am rarely recognized.)

Steve, in his 40s, had a bad day at work but was willing to speak with me. He said there’s no politician who will fight for him. He doesn’t trust any of them. That’s why he doesn’t pay attention to any news. He voted for the Green Party last time as a protest, but he also doesn’t like immigrants getting public benefits. We learned all of this because, like with every Working America conversation, we started the conversation by asking Steve what mattered to him, what was on his mind. At the end of our questions, Steve said, “Can I ask you something? Why do you do this?” He wanted to keep talking.

Edith is in her 50s. She likes what Trump has done but doesn’t like the way he talks sometimes. She thinks cutting government red tape is important and she’s concerned about outside interference in our election. As we were leaving, she told us, and maybe herself, “I don’t talk to anyone. Why did I just talk to you?”

Last year in San Diego, Sharon said she was 100% for Trump, but when I told her Trump’s health-care bill would allow her son’s insurance company to stop covering him because he has a serious preexisting condition, she seemed to stop breathing for a moment. “I had no idea,” she gasped. “I can’t let that happen.”

It’s voters like these we need to talk with – those who are dispirited and confused like Steve; ambivalent like Edith; and uninformed like Sharon. A respectful conversation that started with their concerns and opinions hooked each of them, so when Working America goes back, the door is open to information from a new trusted messenger, which can encourage them to take action on issues they care about and vote with that new information in mind.

Authentic engagement works – it’s a no-brainer. For years now, the researchers measuring the most effective way to win votes have told us that face-to-face contact has the biggest impact. The results in 2018 show us there’s an important swingable segment of the electorate that will pull the lever for Democrats if we can reach them. And the science says voters are even more attentive to a canvasser conversation if they’re a member of the organization that’s delivering the message.

I’ve seen the power of face-to-face contact since I became an activist five decades ago. In Modesto, California, I met some of the 800 volunteers who knocked on doors for more than a year before the 2018 election, and in Scranton I met the professional organizers, many of whom are working-class people of color. They talk with people year-round, reaching out to those hungry for information and a connection.

As tangled as things seem right now, the way we get out of this mess is straightforward. We outsmart the Facebook algorithms and digital foreign meddling by holding face-to-face conversations. I’ve seen it. The process builds trust, and it sends a message: You matter enough that I’m here on your doorstep.

Fear can be so powerful, but what overcomes fear is connection. We don’t need to choose between Democratic base voters and swing voters. All working people, no matter their race, ethnicity, gender, faith, or sexual orientation or gender identity, need a stake and a say in our society – and they all need to hear that they’re part of “We the People.” Talking with them, not at them, is the best way to do it. Working America and other organizations are helping volunteers spend time in working-class communities around the country to have those conversations.

I’ve learned over my long life as an activist that people can change. That process starts with trust, best done through person-to-person organizing. People such as Steve are looking for someone to help them sort things out and to dare to care again. We can start the process of healing and winning back our country one conversation at a time.

– – –

Fonda is an actress and activist.

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Jane Fonda.
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FBI Scum Ball James Comey Escapes Prosecution.

Once again, another Deep State slimebag — James Comey — gets away with a crime as “little people” around the country scream for justice
08/29/2019 / By JD Heyes
Robert Massimi.
FBI James “Scum Bag” Comey escapes jail. A government “love Fest” keeps this pig out of jail. Make no mistake about it ladies and gentleman; if this was you or I, we would have been indicted. The same can be said for the other “Irish Cop” Mc Cabe. Let us not forget Barack Huessan Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, the yo yo who ran the IRS under Obama, James Brennan,as well as government flunkies who can only work for the government because they have no talent.
It is high time these criminals are brought to task once and for all.
Read Below:

Frankly, it’s no wonder the vast majority of Americans have absolutely no faith whatsoever in Congress, in the media, or in their governing institutions. The only people who poll lower than lawmakers, reporters, and the federal government are murderous tyrants like Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

As multiple news outlets reported Thursday, despite the fact that Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, in a long-awaited report, singled out fired FBI Director James Comey for wrongdoing in releasing classified memos to a friend — who then leaked them to the media — the Trump DoJ is refusing to prosecute him.

According to the report:

Former Director Comey failed to live up to this responsibility. By not safeguarding sensitive information obtained during the course of his FBI employment, and by using it to create public pressure for official action, Comey set a dangerous example for the over 35,000 current FBI employees— and the many thousands more former FBI employees — who similarly have access to or knowledge of non-public information.

The report noted further that if all FBI agents behaved this way, the bureau “would be unable to dispatch its law enforcement duties properly, as Comey himself noted in his March 20, 2017 congressional testimony.”

Horowitz cited Comey for retaining — and failing to return — memos he was neither authorized to release or keep.

“In a country built on the rule of law, it is of utmost importance that all FBI employees adhere to Department and FBI policies, particularly when confronted by what appear to be extraordinary circumstances or compelling personal convictions,” the report concluded.

“Comey had several other lawful options available to him to advocate for the appointment of a Special Counsel, which he told us was his goal in making the disclosure. What was not permitted was the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive investigative information, obtained during the course of FBI employment, in order to achieve a personally desired outcome,” it adds.

“We conclude that Comey’s retention, handling, and dissemination of certain Memos violated Department and FBI policies, and his FBI Employment Agreement.”

Why would Trump let this dirtbag who plotted against him get away with it?
In summary, so what? Comey clearly violated FBI policies, but if the memos were classified — and if they contained information discussed between him and the president of the United States, it was classified — why isn’t he being prosecuted for it?

As Breitbart News reported, in April 2018, the fired FBI director handed over seven memos to congressional investigators; eight of the 15 pages had to be redacted because of classified information. Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee in June 2017 that he intentionally leaked the memos to spur a special counsel probe into a bogus, manufactured narrative — ‘Russian collusion’ — which he knew to be false. But no matter; Robert Mueller was indeed appointed and spent nearly two years harassing President Trump, his family, and his administration, only to ‘officially’ conclude there was no collusion.

The answer has become painfully obvious to the vast majority of Americans: There are two legal standards in our country, now and as there was during the Obama and Bush and Clinton administrations — one for the elite Deep State to get away with, and one for the rest of us.

They can get away with whatever they want, especially as long as the actions injure, defame, or damage the ‘right’ people.

Mike Cernovich

James Comey gets criticized in mean words but of course gets a pass for his unlawful actions.

Read the IG Report here:

10:19 AM – Aug 29, 2019
Twitter Ads info and privacy
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Naturally, Comey took to Twitter to gloat.

James Comey

DOJ IG “found no evidence that Comey or his attorneys released any of the classified information contained in any of the memos to members of the media.” I don’t need a public apology from those who defamed me, but a quick message with a “sorry we lied about you” would be nice.

10:01 AM – Aug 29, 2019
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James Comey

And to all those who’ve spent two years talking about me “going to jail” or being a “liar and a leaker”—ask yourselves why you still trust people who gave you bad info for so long, including the president.

10:01 AM – Aug 29, 2019
Twitter Ads info and privacy
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Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who has been in on the Spygate probe as a member of Congress from the beginning, said in a statement, “Today’s report is a disappointing reminder that the former FBI Director put partisanship and personal ambition over patriotism and his legal obligations to the American people.

“By leaking his confidential communications with the President in an attempt to save face in the wake of his firing, Mr. Comey believed he was above the rules of the DOJ,” he added.

Fellow Americans, we deserve better than this. President Trump — where are you?

Sources include:

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Once again, another Deep State slimebag — James Comey — gets away with a crime as “little people” around the country scream for justice
08/29/2019 / By JD Heyes

It’s now obvious: We are living under a lawless deep state dictatorship where treasonous criminals like James Comey will never be prosecuted
08/29/2019 / By Mike Adams

If no one goes to jail for the Spygate coup attempt, then the rule of law in America is dead and we are all living under a deep state dictatorship
08/28/2019 / By JD Heyes

Spygate bombshell: Key “Russian” agent, Joseh Mifsud, actually turns out to be a CIA asset
08/19/2019 / By JD Heyes

Corrupt FBI was running a treasonous espionage operation against Trump… and it’s all about to come out
08/14/2019 / By JD Heyes

Two tiered system of justice: Top FBI officials escape prosecution, while others pay heavy price
08/12/2019 / By News Editors

POTUS lawyer Rudy Giuliani warns: “You can’t believe what’s coming out” regarding Deep State lawbreaking over Spygate
08/11/2019 / By JD Heyes

BOMBSHELL: Mass shooting events follow pattern of “FBI terror plots” documented by the New York Times… agents recruit social media extremists to frame as scapegoats for engineered violence
08/04/2019 / By Mike Adams

Treasonous FBI aided criminal Hillary Clinton in destroying evidence, wiping hard drives to avoid prosecution
08/04/2019 / By JD Heyes

Corrupt FBI cites completely discredited SNOPES and Wikipedia to declare “conspiracy theorists” are domestic terrorism threat
08/03/2019 / By JD Heyes

THE UPDATED LIST: 130 times the FBI, DOJ and/or Mueller gang “deviated from standard practice” or committed crimes in efforts to exonerate Hillary and indict President Trump
07/30/2019 / By News Editors

MUST READ: Fired FBI Director James Comey is culpable for numerous crimes related to his leaked classified notes on President Trump alone – Lock him up!
07/29/2019 / By News Editors

Ron Paul warns: “There was a conspiracy to try to frame Trump,” sounds off on #FBIgate
07/27/2019 / By JD Heyes

Russia collusion hoax COLLAPSES following Robert Mueller’s disastrous “testimony”
07/27/2019 / By JD Heyes

After Mueller’s testimony and his obvious dementia issues Rod Rosenstein should be immediately arrested and charged with running a scam
07/27/2019 / By News Editors

The Robert Mueller IMPLOSION: It’s time for Barr and Trump to prosecute the deep state traitors, or the American people will never regain any faith in the justice system
07/25/2019 / By Mike Adams

DoJ IG Horowitz’s report to say that Comey was running treasonous counterintelligence op against Trump to build a case for deposing him
07/23/2019 / By JD Heyes

Fired FBI Director James Comey calls for revenge against POTUS Trump supporters: Send them “back to their dark corner”
07/21/2019 / By JD Heyes

‘Severe, serious abuses’ by FBI, CIA are ‘going to come out’: Rep. Peter King
07/08/2019 / By News Editors

Lawsuit exposes how the media and deep state hatched the Russiagate hoax
06/01/2019 / By News Editors

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