Theater Review. “Boogieban”

The Horrors Of War.

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Robert Massimi.

“BOOGIEBAN” is a play that tugs at your heart in many respects… the play lays out the horrors of war, its victims and the after effects of being in war. We first meet Lt. Col. Lawrence Caplan (David Peacock), he is a Military Psychologist will all the degrees and polish to go with his rank and profession. His twenty five years as a man serving his fellow soldiers is about to come to an end in a week. Caplan has one more patient to see before he retires, he must determine if this young man is fit to go back into combat.

Set in a modest office, the play unfolds brilliantly, “BOOGIEBAN” has many subtleties that makes this play go well beyond it’s surface. Writer D.C. Fidler gives us two people from different backgrounds who serve a common purpose in that they both protect democracy at all costs. Caplan, who served in Vietnam and Spc. Jason Wynsky (Travis Teffner) who is serving in Afghanistan. Although it was Caplan’s calling to serve in the military as his father did, he is more hardened as too what war is and how it can destroy lives. Jason sees the military as a way out of his poor upbringing. Although Jason is hardened to war as well, he has a more sinister view of the world and God. Both Fidler’s writing and Sean Derry’s superb direction, we see and feel the tension between the two actors as Caplan battles to find out just what it is that makes Wynsky tick. Jason on the other hand knows that he is out matched when it comes to Caplan’s brain and his cunning to extract details from Jason.

Throughout the play we hear Caplan give his thoughts directly to us, as such, we understand both him and the situation of being both an analyst and a soldier. Peacock explains that the life in the military is horrific on many levels; the Dear John letters, soldiers dying in other soldiers arms, and the recurring nightmares after they return from battle. He tells us about his own son dying in Afghanistan and that PTSD is all but a death sentence. Caplan tells us about his wife and daughter, what his life has been since Vietnam and we realize that he never really left their; that his success in what he does is because he is able to relive and keep close to the once hell that he lived in the battlefield when his guts were blown out.

In” BOOGIEBAN” the music is as much of the play as the words are. Often poignant songs leave us melancholic. How can these two people who risked there lives be so tormented? In Jason’s case he drinks to forget, he acts out against authority, the very authority who gives him his marching orders. Whereas Caplan accepts his life, Jason hates his. Caplan sees the beauty in the world and Jason only sees the ugliness.

Both the sound design and the lighting are masterful in this play. From the flashbacks to the combat sounds of helicopters overhead, Sean Derry makes to feel that we are present and also are going through battle with these great actors. Well staged at the beautiful 13th Street Repertory Theater, the action ebbs and flows for the entire 110 intermission-less minutes. The similarities that both have and the differences are smartly executed throughout. The way the two bond, the way they both have mutual respect for one another, we wonder what if anything Caplan will do to help this spiritually wounded man.

“BOOGIEBAN” (a phrase used to describe the Taliban on the move), is a play that is more about its deep intricacies than the simplistic that is right in front of us. The former is brought out in a two hander at the end of this play. Both intense and overwhelming we see right in front of us a no holes barred PTSD episode. Leaving the audience both crying and stunned, we grapple with the comfortableness of the remnants of war and its horror that it leaves behind. Derry shows us front and center what it means to be a soldier.

Facebook Is Very Unorganized.

auto-generating Islamic State, al-Qaida pages
Robert Massimi.
It seems the left does not know what the right is doing at Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg and company have a long way to go to shore up this company and make it less unorganized.
Read Below:
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Pages from a confidential whistleblower’s report obtained by The Associated Press, along with two printed Facebook pages that were active on Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2019, are photographed in Washington. Facebook likes to say that its automated systems remove the vast majority of prohibited content glorifying the Islamic State group and al-Qaida before it’s reported. But a whistleblower’s complaint shows that Facebook itself has inadvertently produced dozens of pages in their names. (AP Photo/Jon Elswick)
WASHINGTON (AP) — In the face of criticism that Facebook is not doing enough to combat extremist messaging, the company likes to say that its automated systems remove the vast majority of prohibited content glorifying the Islamic State group and al-Qaida before it’s reported.

But a whistleblower’s complaint shows that Facebook itself has inadvertently provided the two extremist groups with a networking and recruitment tool by producing dozens of pages in their names.

The social networking company appears to have made little progress on the issue in the four months since The Associated Press detailed how pages that Facebook auto-generates for businesses are aiding Middle East extremists and white supremacists in the United States.

On Wednesday, U.S. senators on the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation questioned representatives from social media companies, including Monika Bickert, who heads Facebook’s efforts to stem extremist messaging. Bickert did not address Facebook’s auto-generation during the hearing, but faced some skepticism that the company’s efforts were effectively countering extremists.

The new details come from an update of a complaint to the Securities and Exchange Commission that the National Whistleblower Center plans to file this week. The filing obtained by the AP identifies almost 200 auto-generated pages — some for businesses, others for schools or other categories — that directly reference the Islamic State group and dozens more representing al-Qaida and other known groups. One page listed as a “political ideology” is titled “I love Islamic state.” It features an IS logo inside the outlines of Facebook’s famous thumbs-up icon.

In response to a request for comment, a Facebook spokesperson told the AP: “Our priority is detecting and removing content posted by people that violates our policy against dangerous individuals and organizations to stay ahead of bad actors. Auto-generated pages are not like normal Facebook pages as people can’t comment or post on them and we remove any that violate our policies. While we cannot catch every one, we remain vigilant in this effort.”

Facebook has a number of functions that auto-generate pages from content posted by users. The updated complaint scrutinizes one function that is meant to help business networking. It scrapes employment information from users’ pages to create pages for businesses. In this case, it may be helping the extremist groups because it allows users to like the pages, potentially providing a list of sympathizers for recruiters.

The new filing also found that users’ pages promoting extremist groups remain easy to find with simple searches using their names. They uncovered one page for “Mohammed Atta” with an iconic photo of one of the al-Qaida adherents, who was a hijacker in the Sept. 11 attacks. The page lists the user’s work as “Al Qaidah” and education as “University Master Bin Laden” and “School Terrorist Afghanistan.”

Facebook has been working to limit the spread of extremist material on its service, so far with mixed success. In March, it expanded its definition of prohibited content to include U.S. white nationalist and white separatist material as well as that from international extremist groups. It says it has banned 200 white supremacist organizations and 26 million pieces of content related to global extremist groups like IS and al-Qaida.

It also expanded its definition of terrorism to include not just acts of violence intended to achieve a political or ideological aim, but also attempts at violence, especially when aimed at civilians with the intent to coerce and intimidate. It’s unclear, though, how well enforcement works if the company is still having trouble ridding its platform of well-known extremist organizations’ supporters.

But as the report shows, plenty of material gets through the cracks — and gets auto-generated.

The AP story in May highlighted the auto-generation problem, but the new content identified in the report suggests that Facebook has not solved it.

The report also says that researchers found that many of the pages referenced in the AP report were removed more than six weeks later on June 25, the day before Bickert was questioned for another congressional hearing.

The issue was flagged in the initial SEC complaint filed by the center’s executive director, John Kostyack, which alleges the social media company has exaggerated its success combatting extremist messaging.

“Facebook would like us to believe that its m
Robert Massimi.
Monica Bickert
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Brooklyn Beating.

Robert Massimi.
CBS News.
Hasidic Man gets pumbled on a Brooklyn Street.
Read Below:
CBSN New York

Caught On Camera: Man Ambushed, Attacked By Gang Of Suspects On Brooklyn Street
September 18, 2019 at 10:45 amFiled Under:Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, Crime, Local TV, Natalie Duddridge, New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A man was cornered and beaten in what police are calling a random attack on a Brooklyn street.

Surveillance video shows the disturbing incident on Warsoff Place between Flushing and Park Avenues in Bedford-Stuyvesant.


Four men can be seen chasing the 24-year-old victim as he walked home around 9:45 p.m. Tuesday.

Police said two of the suspects punched and kicked the Hasidic man and told him to “give me everything you’ve got.” The victim threw his cellphone on the ground, so the men scooped it up and ran away.
Brooklyn Hasidic gets pumbled… This goes hand and hand with what is going on in college campuses… Antisemitism is at an all time high in the USA. Many do not want Hasidim taking over Rockland county, NY. They are bankrupting Rockland County, not paying there fair share of taxes. A lot of residents are furious how the properties of Hasidim are unkempt and horrible. Add to the fact that a Suffern Town councilman was indicted for taking bribes from the Hasidim, also fraudulently laundering money to Israel from Rockland Community College, a secular college.
Hasidim are known to collect welfare while they work on cash transactions, leaving secular people to foot the burden of taxes. As a result, roads, schools and little things like snow plowing are going down hill. Secular people in Rockland county are moving out in droves. Once bucolic, Rockland County is looking like a third world country. In Lakewood NJ, we saw the results of what the Hasidim did to that town… sports programs and other programs went down hill because the Hasidim raped the community with high school costs that were defrauding the tax payers. 114 Hasidics were indicted and arrested and Lakewood is still real ling from these crimes.
Robert Massimi NJ
Robert Massimi NY
google people
Rockland County
Lakewood NJ
Cell Phone
CBS New York

1.1 Million Students To Skip School For Climate Change.

Robert Massimi.
Left wingers are gonna miss school to protest climate change. Are these people for real? For every scientist who claims climate change, another sccientist says that it is bogus. Lefties around the world will skip school to march in the streets, play Nintendo or just cut school.
Read Below:
NYC says 1.1M students can skip school for climate strike protest
Students march outside the United Nations during a protest against climate change on September 6, 2019 in New York.
Students outside the United Nations during a climate change protest in New York on Sept. 6. Photo: Bryan R. Smith/AFP/Getty Images
School districts are debating what position to take after New York City announced that 1.1 million public school students could skip classes without penalties to join the global youth climate strikes Friday, the New York Times reports.

Why it matters: Per the Times, this a test of the movement’s impact — by causing disruptions and getting noticed by political leaders who are in NYC for the United Nations Climate Action Summit 3 days later and the General Assembly meeting that follows it.

NYC Public Schools

.@NYCschools will excuse absences of students participating in the #ClimateStrike on Friday 9/20. Students will need parental consent. Younger students can only leave school with a parent.

Mayor Bill de Blasio

.@NYCSchools will be sharing guidance with parents, educators and students on how students will be able to participate in next Friday’s events in the next few days. #ClimateStrike

12:54 PM – Sep 12, 2019
Twitter Ads info and privacy
2,570 people are talking about this
Organizers expect millions of people to leave work, home and school to take part in massive climate strike protests around the world.
The big picture: Youth strike advocates Fridays for Future said more than 2400 events were taking place from Sept. 20 through Sept. 27 to coincide with the UN climate summit on Sept. 23, where Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg is due to make an address.

More than 115 countries and 1,000 cities have registered so far, the group said.
“All eyes are on the United States which already has 145 cities signed up, with participation that is expected to be tenfold when compared with the first two global strikes in March and May of this year.”
What’s happening in the U.S.: The Times reports that large districts around the U.S. were discussing on Monday afternoon the issue of whether to allow students to miss school for the strikes.

A spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Unified School District told the NYT that officials were “still finalizing” plans. Cambridge, Mass., City Council members said they would discuss a motion on Tuesday to excuse students.
The other side: Critics, ranging from climate-change deniers to people who argue for a less radical approach to tackling global warming, said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was using school attendance policy to promote a political aim, the NYT notes.

The New York Post’s editorial board called the move “out-and-out government sponsorship of a particular point of view.” There was some concern that a few students could take advantage of the opportunity to skip school for fun, according to the Times.
Go deeper: The new social movement calling for action on climate


Noa Yadidiupdated 13 hours ago
The Atlantic Basin’s tropical storms and hurricanes in 2019
Debris sitting on a road after Hurricane Michael
A pile of debris near the remains of a home destroyed by Hurricane Michael in Florida. Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images
Hurricane Dorian became the first major hurricane of the 2019 Atlantic season when it made landfall as a Category 5 hurricane on Sept. 1 in the Bahamas. At least 43 people in the Bahamas were killed with many others left missing.

The big picture: NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center is forecasting a “near normal” season this year. It’s also predicting a range of 9 to 15 named storms — 4 to 8 of which could become hurricanes.

Go deeper372 WORDS

Ursula Perano14 hours ago
Nicotine addictions increasingly driving vape users back to cigarettes
A picture of Juul products.
Photo: Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post via Getty Images
A new Los Angeles Times report details a painfully ironic contradiction: Vape users turning to cigarettes to cope with their nicotine addictions, challenging vapes’ original purpose of helping cigarette users quit smoking altogether.

The big picture: As cigarette use has declined, e-cigarettes and vaping are seeing a sharp increase in popularity — but not without pushback. Just last week, Juul, a vaping technology, faced backlash from lawmakers for being advertised as less
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Discrimination Only Works One Way In This Country.

Robert Massimi.
It is getting scary, Blacks only parties, Symposiums and dances. I wonder if I threw a party at a public facility like a college or university and said whites only what would happen? I’m guessing an all out riot probably lead by ANTIFA. How can a college such as Williams allow a black only symposium? It is mind boggling how white people let liberals and people of color get away with this crap! People need to go to this college and protest, even bust a few windows to get the message across to this liberal shit hole of a college.
Read below:
Whites need not apply: Campus sci-tech symposium to only feature scholars of color
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Event at Williams College to explore sci-tech’s ‘relationship to society’

An upcoming science and technology symposium slated to take place at Williams College promises a unique feature: it will showcase “new” voices in the field, and those voices will only come from scholars of color.

“New Voices in Science and Technology Studies: A C3 Symposium,” set for early November at the private Massachusetts-based liberal arts university, invited scholars to submit papers if they represent a “historically underrepresented group.”

The call for papers specifies that means either “African Americans, Alaska Natives, Arab Americans, Asian Americans, Latinx, Native Americans, Native Hawaiians, and other Pacific Islanders.”

Part of the application process asked applicants to write a couple sentences proving themselves as a member of a “historically underrepresented group.” Yet the application also provides an equal employment opportunity statement that people from all backgrounds are welcome.

Chosen scholars will receive a $500 honorarium and be hosted by Williams College as they present their papers to the audience, organizers state, adding “we aim to create an inclusive, intellectually enriching experience for all involved, including the visiting speakers and the faculty and students of Williams.”

Williams College Associate Professor of Political Science and Chair of Science and Technology Studies Laura Ephraim is the point of contact for the event. For the last three weeks she has ignored repeated phone calls and emails from The College Fix seeking comment on the event.

Williams College’s media affairs office and several faculty members in the Science and Technology Studies program at the school also ignored repeated requests for comment.

The only person at the college willing to return numerous requests for comment was an administrative assistant in Science and Technology Studies who said they were unsure who could help The College Fix with its questions.

Promotional materials for the symposium state: “The Science & Technology Studies Program at Williams College invites papers on any topic concerned with science and technology and their relationship to society for a day-long symposium showcasing the work of early-career scholars (ABD or recent PhD) from historically underrepresented groups.”

MORE: Artificial intelligence can be ‘sexist and racist,’ professors say

MORE: University researchers warn that we’re biased against black robots

As for the science and technology program at Williams, it is an interdisciplinary social sciences field, its website states.

“The Program in Science and Technology Studies (STS) aims to provide students with an interdisciplinary framework through which to appreciate the complex interactions between science, technology and society, and with which to analyze and understand the ways science and technology give shape to, and are in turn given shape by, society, culture and history,” the website states.

The program also works on “critical dialogue” issues.

“The STS Program furthermore serves as a forum in which students from all divisions are invited to partake in critical dialogue on a range of pressing issues: scientific controversies, expert knowledge, innovation and sociohistorical transformation, politics and policy, media and communication infrastructure, public understanding of science and technology, and philosophical questions,” according to its website.

MORE: University hosts no-whites-allowed faculty and staff listening sessions

IMAGE: Shutterstock

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The campus ‘snowflakes’ who cried wolf
Student leaders fight ‘heteronormativity’ at Notre Dame
Whites need not apply: Campus sci-tech symposium to only feature scholars of color
‘Not gay!’: UVA wants students to stop controversial football cheer
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Kavanaugh’s High-School Classmate Sues HuffPost For Defamation

Researchers Call Sexual Preferences Transphobic

At Michigan State University, The Word ‘but’ Is A Trigger

Former Staffers Urge Gillibrand To End ‘Obnoxious’ Campaign

PolitiFact Claims O’Rourke Doesn’t Support Gun Confiscation

U.S. Attorney Recommends Bringing Charges Against Andrew McCabe

New Jersey To Refuse Business With Those Who Resist Gun Control

Blasey Ford Wants ‘Asterisk’ Next To Kavanaugh’s Name

Brittany Slaughter
Brittany Slaughter is a sophomore at Liberty University studying journalism with a minor in criminal justice. She has worked as an editor and writer for Odyssey, and has also been published in the Washington Examiner. She was previously nominated for the Network of enlightened Women’s Writer of the Year award.

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Poll: 73 percent of Republican students have withheld political views in class for fear their grades would suffer
Whites need not apply: Campus sci-tech symposium to only feature scholars of color
SEPTEMBER 16, 2019
The social justice warriors came for my head. Not only did I survive, I’m thriving.
At Virginia Tech, mixed reactions to a politicized freshman orientation
Elizabeth Warren’s pushing for free college. Meanwhile her Harvard professor husband earns $400,000 a year.
Russ Rossi of Upper Saddle River is said to be getting a sex change operation. Always considered to be a bit of a gay boy, Russ Rossi of Upper Saddle River has finally come out of the closet and is becoming a woman. Russ Rossi, 58 years old said he is tired of living a lie and wants to become a woman. Rossi, of Apple wood Dr, Upper Saddle River, NJ was beaten up frequently as a kid and this had a bad affect on him. As a child he had bad aesmtha and was picked on. russ Rossi was married to a skank and will divorcing her to live with his boyfriend in the Miami FLA area where homo sexuality is accepted. The couple has thought about The Castro in San Francisco, but decided against it. His soon to be ex wife just blurted out Oy Ga vault when she heard the news. Russ Rossi’s new husband is black, it seems that Russ Rossi of Upper Saddle River loves being around minorities.

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Iran Seen In Saudi attack

Robert Massimi.
Drones were used in the oil fields attacks of Saudi Arabia.
Read Below:
U.S. Blames Iran for Attack on Saudi Oil Facilities
Saudi Arabia shuts down about half its oil output after strikes
By Summer Said, Jared Malsin and Jessica Donati
Updated Sept. 14, 2019 8:26 pm ET
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed Iran for coordinated strikes on the heart of Saudi Arabia’s oil industry, saying they marked an unprecedented attack on the world’s energy supply.

The strikes shut down half of the kingdom’s crude production on Saturday, potentially roiling petroleum prices and demonstrating the power of Iran’s proxies.




Armed Drones Are a Growing Threat From Rebels in Yemen
Armed Drones Are a Growing Threat From Rebels in Yemen
Armed Drones Are a Growing Threat From Rebels in Yemen
Yemen’s Houthi rebels are using armed drones with startling success. WSJ reporters describe their increasing sophistication and recent confirmed attacks. Illustration: Laura Kammermann

Saudi Oil Attack Is the Big One

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No One Wants to Hire the Fired Wells Fargo Branch Staffers

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Dubai Villa Prices Fall to Lowest Point in a Decade

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Democrats Intensify Focus on Gun Control

Maysoon Zayid on Bringing Disability to the Mainstream

How to Navigate Awkward Money Situations at Work

First Look: iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max
Saudi Oil Attack Is the Big One
Saudi Oil Attack Is the Big One
U.S. Blames Iran for Attack on Saudi Oil Facilities
U.S. Blames Iran for Attack on Saudi Oil Facilities
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Your Parents’ Financial Advice Is (Kind Of) Wrong
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Joe Pizzoli Jr it is heard has problems with the EPA for illegal dumping. Pizzoli is known to not pay his employees or his suppliers is a major POS ! Look for Pizzoli to maybe going to jail. Pizzoli, who lives in Livingston ,NJ had no comment when the papers called him last week.
Robert Massimi
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Theater Review. “In The Heights”

Uncategorized > “In The Heights”
“In The Heights”
Uncategorized by robert massimi – September 15, 20190

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Robert Massimi. “In The Heights is a story about a young man who sees his neighbor (Washington Heights) in the course of three days. First appearing on Broadway at The Richard Rodgers Theater, ” In The Heights” is a light, warm story with great songs and superb dancing.

Played at the Hackensack Performing Arts Center or HACPAC, “In The Heights ” lived in all it’s glory. Like Broadway, this Heights too was a winner. Frank Borrelli who directed as well as set design/lighting and sound design, had the cast razor sharp. For a community show, this one was clicking on all cylinders.

“In The Heights ” is a long show , two and a half hours long, so the staging must be presented well to hold the audience. Between the dance numbers, the good looking ,cast and great costumes, Borrelli has the cast clicking on all cylinders.

” In The Heights ” is more than one young man’s view of his changing neighborhood, it’s about a small community in one section of New York City. It’s about family of the community and the love that they have for one another. As the City sees it’s self gentrifying , neighborhoods like these are all but gone. The show points this out, we see a limousine business being offered to sell itself to make way for what will be a neighborhood of the past. The bodega in which the star narrates his life in the heights will also be gone and so will the memories.

As a theater that is now only two years old, HACPAC will be around for a very long time if it continues to put forth great shows like this one. The performance last night could have easily played off Broadway . This talent level was off the charts for a community theater. Easily a Perry Award contender, “In The Heights ” will be a benchmark as to what community theater should be…

Songs that are great and well composed such as: ” No Me Digga”, ” When Your Home”, “The Club “, When The Sun Goes Down”, and “Hundreds of Stories ” land well in this show. With this talented cast, “In The Heights” sings and dances it way through the entire evening leaving it’s audience entertained throughout. The passion of this Latino community gives their all, they show us through dance, their customs as well as the love of life that each has. Done both comically and through serious undertones, we are invited into these peoples lives for a few hours to enjoy.

What is considered a great Broadway show of it’s time, this community theater version has little to be embarrassed about. With a swinging band hidden onstage, the rhythm and its vibe throughout rings out in this well appointed theater. The actors perform with such grace that it brings this solid story to its wonderful conclusion. Both sad and uplifting, we want to see these people again through the eyes of an audience that has wonderment about where and what will happen to these interesting people of the heights.

Robert Massimi
I have been writing on theater since 1982. I currently am Chief Drama Critic for Metropolitan Magazine. I have produced 12 shows on and off Broadway. Former member of board Metropolitan Playhouse.
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