Liberal Media Getting Pounced Upon.

Robert Massimi.
The media has gotten so unprofessional that it is becoming the norm rather than the unusual. Wolf Blitzer today asked Kelly Ann Conway about her marriage and was going to play a clip that Kelly Ann Conway had yet to see. Stating that Conway’s husband was a scholar, he had the right, in essence, to bring her husband up. Blindsided, Kelly Ann Conway went ballistic on Blitzer.
What was unacceptable years ago has become common place now. The media is so unprofessional and it doesn’t stop there either. Many newspaper outlets that used to have a slight left lean have become overtly leftist. Outright lies and deception for a few newspapers like the NY Times and the Washington Post. Interviews have become down right hostile. Anderson Cooper, who I used to think was a very professional journalist has become less so. Cooper’s interviews are now one sided and he even has started to put a biased slant on his questions.
The media and all outlets for the most part need to be journalists which means they need to find the truth and not the truth that they believe. A good journalists seeks the truth, he or she learns from the people they are interviewing. Audience members should not be able to tell if a journalist is liberal or conservative. Today we know exactly where a person stands on issues by the questions they ask, there body language and the attitude towards the person that they are speaking too.
For Wolf Blitzer to assume that there are issues with the Conway’s marriage, he made a huge journalistic blunder. A journalist cannot assume something, they must ask the question, wait for an answer and then further probe if they think that they are being lied to. Blitzer came off as all knowing about the Conway’s and their marriage. The result of the interview was that the person interviewed went nuts and Blitzer had to back pedal as he realized that he was on dangerous grounds and that there was a possibility that he may not know what he was talking about. Either way, it was a major embarrassment for CNN and Wolf Blitzer. CNN is not alone in this debacle in which is journalism today. Many journalists like Erin Burnett and company their are guilty as well. MSNBC is a gaggle of poor journalists. This station is beyond unprofessional and inept. As such, ratings at CNN and MSNBC are awful. FOX too has become poor. Adding new people to its line up has not done FOX any favors. FOX wants to add different political views but why should they when they led the ratings by a long shot.
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Kellyanne Conway Blows Up at CNN’s Wolf Blitzer for Saying ‘There Are Issues’ With Her Marriage
“Did you just say there are issues there?” she exclaimed. “You don’t want to talk about—why would you say that?!”

Justin Baragona
Updated Nov. 14, 2019 12:27PM ET / Published Nov. 14, 2019 10:36AM ET
Once again, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway appeared on CNN for a lengthy and contentious interview, and once again that lengthy and contentious interview was a total shitshow.

This particular time around, however, took an even more heated turn than usual when CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer directly asked about her husband, outspoken Trump critic George Conway.


Blitzer wanted to ask the Trump aide one last question Thursday morning about her husband, who spent the entire day at MSNBC providing on-air analysis and criticizing the GOP’s “incoherent” defense of the president.

“I just have a final question, a sensitive question, and it’s a political question, it’s a substantive question,” Blitzer warily asked. “I don’t want to talk about your marriage. I know that there are issues there.”

George Conway Blasts GOP’s ‘Incoherent’ Hearing Performance
Matt Wilstein

Before he could get to the question, Conway immediately pounced on Blitzer’s suggestion about her marriage.

“Did you just say there are issues there?” she exclaimed. “You don’t want to talk about—why would you say that?!”

Blitzer eventually pointed out that while he personally didn’t want to talk about their marriage, he wanted to get Conway’s reaction to her husband’s criticism. Conway, meanwhile, continued to push back at the very notion that Blitzer was questioning her about her husband.

“So before you play the clip which I haven’t seen. Why—why are you doing that?” Conway seethed, prompting the CNN anchor to note that her husband is a “legal scholar” now famous for his criticisms of the president.


“And the relevance is, and, come on—wait for it—drum roll—and he’s married to me?” Conway shot back, causing Blitzer to add: “He happens to be married to you.”

The senior Trump adviser felt Blitzer’s remarks were “bizarre” before she tried to pivot to commentary made by a CNN legal analyst. They would then go back and forth a bit more until Blitzer finally was able to play the clip of her husband saying Trump was “using the power of the presidency” to advance his own personal political interests.

Conway, meanwhile, launched into one of her signature rants in which she rapidly threw everything against the wall before taking pointed shots at CNN and Blitzer himself.

“What you just quoted is said every day by other voices, but you wanted to put it in my husband’s voice because you think somehow that that will help your ratings or that you’re really sticking it to Kellyanne Conway,” she fumed. “And let me be very clear. You didn’t stick it to Kellyanne Conway. I think you embarrassed yourself and I’m embarrassed for you because this is CNN now?”


George Conway Blasts GOP’s ‘Incoherent’ Hearing Performance

Sean Duffy Spends First Day at CNN Pushing Conspiracy Theory

Halperin Angers Victims With Yet Another Image Rehab Attempt
“I looked up to you when I was in college and law school, I would turn on CNN to see what Wolf Blitzer had to say about war, famine, disruption abroad,” Conway continued. “I really respected you for all those years as someone that would give you the news and now it’s what somebody’s husband.”

Blitzer would go on and bring up another famous political couple with polar-opposite views, political strategists Mary Matalin and James Carville, pointing out that he’d had multiple sensitive on-air discussions with them about their differences. Conway, for her part, largely brushed off the comparison and plowed forward.

At the end of the interview, after Conway said she was a “very generous, kind person” while complaining that CNN has become just a bunch of “gossip girls,” Blitzer let her know that she’s “always welcome to come back and join me here.”

“You’ll stay in my prayers,” Conway replied.

Nicolle Wallace Rips Fellow Republicans: They ‘Know Better’
Matt Wilstein

Justin Baragona
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Five Cellphones, Trump Straws, a Lot of Cash—What This Giuliani Crony Was Carrying When the FBI Arrested Him
Lev Parnas also had the business card of a top Ukrainian anti-corruption prosecutor with whom Giuliani met this year.

Lachlan Markay
Betsy Swan
Political Reporter
Updated Nov. 14, 2019 12:39PM ET / Published Nov. 14, 2019 11:30AM ET

When Rudy Giuliani crony Lev Parnas was arrested last month, federal agents combed through his personal effects and found the business card of a Ukrainian prosecutor who, months earlier, met with Giuliani to discuss the conspiracy theories at the heart of the Trump impeachment inquiry.

Anti-corruption prosecutor Nazar Kholodnytsky’s card was among the 66 personal items that the FBI reported seizing from Parnas after his arrest at Washington’s Dulles International Airport last month, according to an itemized list of the effects obtained by PAY DIRT. It’s not clear when or how Parnas obtained that card, but his arrest came months after Giuliani met Kholodnytsky in Paris for a discussion that touched on Joe Biden and his son Hunter, and supposed Ukrainian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Kholodnytsky was caught on tape earlier this year apparently suborning false testimony and tipping off prosecution targets to impending raids. He claims the recordings were taken out of context. But Marie Yovanovitch, until this year the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, called for Kholodnytsky’s removal. Instead, Yovanovitch was recalled after a sustained lobbying campaign by Giuliani, Parnas, and his political and business associate Igor Fruman.

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