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“In The Heights”
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Robert Massimi. “In The Heights is a story about a young man who sees his neighbor (Washington Heights) in the course of three days. First appearing on Broadway at The Richard Rodgers Theater, ” In The Heights” is a light, warm story with great songs and superb dancing.

Played at the Hackensack Performing Arts Center or HACPAC, “In The Heights ” lived in all it’s glory. Like Broadway, this Heights too was a winner. Frank Borrelli who directed as well as set design/lighting and sound design, had the cast razor sharp. For a community show, this one was clicking on all cylinders.

“In The Heights ” is a long show , two and a half hours long, so the staging must be presented well to hold the audience. Between the dance numbers, the good looking ,cast and great costumes, Borrelli has the cast clicking on all cylinders.

” In The Heights ” is more than one young man’s view of his changing neighborhood, it’s about a small community in one section of New York City. It’s about family of the community and the love that they have for one another. As the City sees it’s self gentrifying , neighborhoods like these are all but gone. The show points this out, we see a limousine business being offered to sell itself to make way for what will be a neighborhood of the past. The bodega in which the star narrates his life in the heights will also be gone and so will the memories.

As a theater that is now only two years old, HACPAC will be around for a very long time if it continues to put forth great shows like this one. The performance last night could have easily played off Broadway . This talent level was off the charts for a community theater. Easily a Perry Award contender, “In The Heights ” will be a benchmark as to what community theater should be…

Songs that are great and well composed such as: ” No Me Digga”, ” When Your Home”, “The Club “, When The Sun Goes Down”, and “Hundreds of Stories ” land well in this show. With this talented cast, “In The Heights” sings and dances it way through the entire evening leaving it’s audience entertained throughout. The passion of this Latino community gives their all, they show us through dance, their customs as well as the love of life that each has. Done both comically and through serious undertones, we are invited into these peoples lives for a few hours to enjoy.

What is considered a great Broadway show of it’s time, this community theater version has little to be embarrassed about. With a swinging band hidden onstage, the rhythm and its vibe throughout rings out in this well appointed theater. The actors perform with such grace that it brings this solid story to its wonderful conclusion. Both sad and uplifting, we want to see these people again through the eyes of an audience that has wonderment about where and what will happen to these interesting people of the heights.

Robert Massimi
I have been writing on theater since 1982. I currently am Chief Drama Critic for Metropolitan Magazine. I have produced 12 shows on and off Broadway. Former member of board Metropolitan Playhouse.
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