It’s Free Everything At The Debates.

Robert Massimi.
Is it me, or are the Dem’s giving everything away for free? Free healthcare, free education, free this, free that. Who will pay for it? Oh, the 1% people that already pay 86% of the countries taxes already.
Below are these geniuses and their replies to last night:

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders battle for command of the spotlight

Detroit (AFP) – The ideological divide between Democratic presidential hopefuls came into focus Tuesday as leading progressive candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren defended their liberal policies on healthcare and immigration against surprisingly energetic attacks from moderate rivals.

The fault lines emerged immediately in the second debate of the 2020 Democratic primary race, with lesser-known candidates taking sharp digs and warning that forcing radical change could ensure President Donald Trump’s re-election.

Warren demanded “big, structural change” and warned that political “spinelessness” over radical reforms will perpetuate a “rigged system that has helped the wealthy and well-connected and kicked dirt in the faces of everyone else.”

But she and Sanders faced dramatic push back including from ex-congressman John Delaney who delivered a scathing rebuke to their “fairy tale economics” that risk bankrupting the economy.

Sanders and Warren, Delaney said in the most visible moment of his candidacy, are peddling “bad policies like Medicare for All, free everything, and impossible promises that will turn off independent voters and get Trump re-elected.”

Tuesday marked the most sustained assault yet by centrists on the progressives’ big-idea platforms.

The debate features 20 candidates over two nights in Detroit, Michigan, a battleground state Trump snatched in 2016.

Front runner Joe Biden takes the stage Wednesday with senators Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, prominent African-American candidates who have strongly criticized the former vice president on racial issues.

The stakes are sky-high. The debate is likely to winnow the sprawling field by as much as half, ahead of the next one in September.

Underperformers like Senator Amy Klobuchar and Colorado ex-governor John Hickenlooper, both polling at below two percent, scrambled for breakout moments to keep their struggling campaigns alive.

“I have bold ideas, but they are grounded in reality,” asserted Klobuchar.

– ‘Evolution, not revolution’ –

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