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Entertaining Things To See And Watch.
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Robert Massimi.

On Netflix there are some great things to watch…Rolling Thunder Review, a documentary about Bob Dylan and Company travelling the US and Canada. The documentary gives insight into a normally elusive Bob Dylan.

The documentary has interviews with Sharon Stone, Allen Ginsberg, the producers, Joan Baez, Joanie Mitchell and many more. Martin Scorsese directs the doc and it is all about Bob Dylan, his thoughts at the time and it shows in detail what a talented musican he was and still is.

Battered Bastards of Baseball looks at a Portland independent baseball tem. Owned by Bing Russell (Kurt’s Dad), the movie shows how a bunch of misfits played the game and how talented they were together.

Devil at The Crossroads is the story about guitar legend Robert Johnson. This documentary gives you full insight into the man and his music. Johnson’s life was a mystery, however, this documentary sheds a lot of light on Robert Johnson.

Off off Broadway is holding a Charles Ludlam revival. Ludlam and Everett Quinton ran The Ridiculous Theater Company in the 1980’s at 1 Sheridan Square. Everett Quinton is putting on “Galas”, which is a titular play about a demented Opera diva. It plays at St Johns Church and times vary.

NYTW is putting on “Veil Widow Conspiracy “. Gordon Dahiquist’s play looks at differing accounts of the 1920’s Chinese political murder mystery as rendered in a Hollywood film. 4th st theater.

“Open”, Megan Hill plays a magician on a quest to save her lover’s life. Playing at The Tank 36th st midtown west.

” Long Lost” at the Manhattan Theater Club. Two middle- aged brothers reunite for the first time in 10 years, still feeling the aftershocks a devastating loss. In an explosive 90 minutes, the play explores how seemingly small cracks in relationships can lead to foundation- shattering destruction.

Movies Elton John’s Rocket Man is pretty good. If not compared to Bohemian Rhapsody, it is enjoyable.

Plenty of great theater , movies, and museums to view in The Big Apple! Great documentaries also to enjoy!

Robert Massimi
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