Hollywood Freaks Over Report.

Hollywood lefties are dying that there is no evidence of collision between the president and Russia. Big league lefties like Rob( meathead) Reiner and big time lesbos like Ellen DeGeneres the degenerate and Rosie the pig O’Donnell as well as John Cusack and Kohn no talent Loggessmasino, or however you dpell his name.
Instead of focusing on the college gate, with intitled Hollywood pigs, yhey focus on thid. Loughlin and Huffman are going away for a long time. Big time prison sentences are about to be handed down.
Niw, it is time to go after Obama, Clinton, james Comey, Loretta lynch and other Democrats who really obstructed justice. The democratic rats are starting to flip already and its going to be fun to watch. From Benghazi to the emails, the Democrats are in trouble. We had Mueller time and now the Democrats are gonna have to pay yhe Barr tab.
Mueller, the piece of crap that he is, tried to get Trump. He failed. Now lets get to the bottom of the Democrats cover up. From Bob Menendez to Hillary Clinton, lets out these socialist mothers once and for all.
Hollywood should focus on making movies. No one cares what they think. Most only have a high school degree to begin with. Socialists by nature, these people need to get a clue. Fat ass Hilary Clinton lost, so get over it Hollywood. Record low unemployment, illegals coming to San Francisco and Hollywood, see how you like it. San Francisco is a third world shit hole because of sanctuary laws.
Left wing Hollywood needs to learn a kesson and the president is about to give them one. We have a great leader who cares about Americans, the deep state has bern trying to hurt him but has failed .Americans are starting to see his redults snd this is why the president is at 53 percent approval rating.

APRIL 18, 2019 / 11:57 AM / UPDATED 2 HOURS AGO
White House counsel refused Trump’s order to fire Mueller – report
A copy of the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report that was provided to reporters is seen in Washington, D.C., U.S. April 18, 2019. REUTERS/Andrew Sullivan
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – White House counsel Don McGahn refused to carry out President Donald Trump’s order to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller “for fear of being seen as triggering another ‘Saturday night massacre,’” according to Mueller’s report.

Trump had wanted Mueller removed in June 2017 on the grounds of conflict of interest, the report said.

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