Something is Rotten at First Toppings in Punta Gorda Florida.

Judicial watch. Three years ado David Erlich and William”the ape” Locantro teamed up to start a dink company called First Toppings Associates llc. The llc protects major criminals like “the ape” from exposing assets against the likes of the Government.
First toppings associates LLC is very, very suspicious indeed. Like most of Locantro’s business dealings, this one sounds shady as well. Locantro you may remember was involved with Carnegie Childs back in the late 90’s. Carnegie was z “pump and dump” shop lead by he and other Howard Beach racketeers. Billy “the ape” was a floor broker with them and he was also on the convertible bond was widely known that the ape was capable of moving the markets, stocks went up fast and came down even was rumored after the dust settled that it may have been owned by none other than Joseph (Joey the boss) Mossimo.
Locantro went on to do other scams. William Locantro had major scams eith M as ards stores. He bought cheap goods than tried to sell them as first quality. He had a fix and flip scam working as well as union scams as well. The likes of no show job favors for the “local boys”.
Now we come to find out about first toppings in Punta Gorda Florida. Really? It sounds all to small of an operation to be successful. Another front? Dont forget John Gotti was a plumber reporting on 75k a year on his tax returns. Like Absolute Electrical Contractors, it’s not where Locantro’s money is made. First toppings associates LLC is considered by many insiders to be a front. A company like this works on cash, unreported to the IRS.
Originally from Ozone park (same place as John Gotti), Locantro is in the shadows, but for how long?
One wonders what will happen to that poor patsy David Ehrlick when the hammer does come down. Jimmy The Irishman Burns too the hit over Manards Stores. Many union guys took the fall when the hammer came diwn their. The ape was able to escape because of weak people who locantro was no wonder that Du Quan aka the chimp took the fall in federal court of Newark some years ago. He was lucky, he was acquitted under federal law. Will erlich be so lucky? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, one thing is for sure, “the ape” Bill Locantro is on the move once again.

William locantro
Joseph Massimo
Bonanno family
First toppings associates LLC
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David Erlich
Carnegie Childs
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Menards stores
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Author: nobullwithragingrobert

Was a drama critic at Manhattan College. Wrote professionally for Bergen News, Sun Bulletin . Alpha Sigma Lambda, Beta Theta. Has seen over 600 shows worldwide, has published both on Theater and Politics. Avid reader on many subjects and writers. Chief Drama critic for Metropolitan magazine. Writes for Jerrick media, American conservative, The City Journal and Reason magazine. Has produced shows both on and off Broadway.

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