Frank “Franky Boy” Cali Clipped.

NO Bull With Raging Robert. Robert Massimi. Robert m massimi
No Bull With Raging Robert. Robert Massimi. William Locantro, Mitch Blatt, Robert Romanoff , Russ Rossi And The Merry Band Of Thieves.
1 year ago

Con Man William Locantro just lost a case when Mr Rutigliano was dumb enough to partner up with him and big time crook Robert Romanoff, formally ran his fathers company, Nebraskaland into the ground. in the complaint, Locantro said Romanoff was his childhood friend. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Locantro from Ozone park NY, with ties to organized crime grew up lower middle class. Romanoff, grew up with money, two separate worlds.

Locantro, who owns Absolute Electric, a La Cosa Nostra cover, brought in Rutigiano as a 50 percent partner then told him in the 11th hour that Romanoff was coming in for 33.3 percent. See Rutigiano vs Locantro. NY Superior court. Romanoff and Locantro then started a competing non union company and bled out Rutigiano. They then tried to further swindle him by making a capital call to pay for bounced pay checks that Romanoff wrote.

Locantro, a partner in the corrupt Wall Street firm, Carnegie Child’s, was involved in major scams with Joe DE Senna and John Tasone. They eventually blew up, but not before leaving a wake of people looking for money that was owed them.

Locantro then brought big league ass hole Mitch Blatt, a former laundry mat salesman to Halcyon Jets where Blatt proceeded to raid Jet One of there customer list. After a DOJ/FBI investigation they mysteriously were not indicted.

Locantro then hooked up with big time crook Fred Mossimo and Russ Rossi to further scam Mansards Stores out of money as well as individual investors. Locantro, who operates in the shadows of La Cosa Nostra is able to beat people and Companies without being indicted. He teams up with weak, stupid people like Mitch Blatt, Robert Romanoff and Russ Rossi so that he can in the end having the upper hand.

Blatt ran Halcyon Jets like he ran one of his laundry mats, very unprofessional, bordering on criminal. Al Paligiona , the former DH Blair salesman, who spent three years in jail, had to step down as Halcyon’s CEO, so they bring in Blatt, whom Locantro and Big Al saw as a patsy to do the bidding to get Jet One’s customer list. Paligonia, grew up in Howard Beach, not far fro Ozone Park where Locantro grew up. Both, have ties with organized crime and both know how to beat people. DE Sena, was also from Howard Beach, so when he met Locantro, it was a natural that they would team up for a little pump and dump with the approval of DE Sena’s next door neighbor. Joseph ” The Boss” Mossimo.

Robert M Massimi believes that Mitch Blatt, William Locantro, Russ Rossi, John Tasone, Robert Romanoff, Joe DE Sena should all be in jail as well as Fred Mossimo.

Robert Massimi.

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NO Bull With Raging Robert. Robert Massimi. Robert m massimi
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Frank Cali was gunned d ou wn outside his Staten island home the other night. Many questions behind the hit. La cosa nostra does not usually fo hits like this. Some say Gene Gotti was the mastermind behind this hit. Others say no.
Frank Cali had delved into dealing drugs in a big way and that drug dealers may have been involved.
Either way, Frank Cali is another victim yo the underworld. Frank cali, a scicilian from Sicily was brought in to run the Gambino crime family. A young Don, the Gambinos began dealing drugs, a major no no years ago.
As this plays out, we may get to who killed Frank Csli.
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