News At It’s lowest Right Now.

Robert Massimi.
With the polling in AMERICA, most people feel the news is skewed. 60 percent pf people polled think the media is either biased, pays for stories that are not factual, or outright fake.
President Trump really hit the fake news angle and it has resonated ever since. People have awakened to what the news does and how they do it. With 90 percent of the media liberal, the false reporting of Covington, Smollett and the coflict at the border, has left many Americans both vaffled snd angry.
The news holds a lot of sway in this nation, and with it, a lot of power and influence. By the news media distorting fact from fiction has angered many. People want fair and unbiased reporting, something that we have not seen since the 70’s. The reporters act and look unprofessional. Jim acosta comes to mind. He pushed a White House staffer when she tried to take the microphone from him.
Under president Trump, the media is overwhelmingly biased when it comes to reporting on him or his administration. With great unemployment numbers from all ethnicities, Trump barely got air time on this. The meeting with North Korean President also gets little mention. Big, good things get passed over and Michael Cohen get big press clippings, as does Avanatti, Sormy Daniels lawyer.
Due to the bad coverage in the news, many are not reading papers today. Paper sales are at the lowest than any other time period. Many do not watch the evening news, but rather use the internet to get news stories.
Until the public begins to trust the news again, sales will diminish a d many papers will go out of circulation.
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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Trust in media hits bottom, 60 percent say sources pay for stories
by Paul Bedard
| February 26, 2019 11:59 AM
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Confidence in the media has hit rock bottom, with many news consumers believing that reporters file their reports before knowing the facts and 60 percent are under the impression that sources pay for stories, according to a depressing new survey of American journalism.

The Columbia Journalism Review poll also confirmed the pending death of print newspapers and magazines and a remarkable shift to social and online media as sources of news.
cjr 1.jpg

Would Trump’s national emergency really be an “emergency”?
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The survey, done in partnership with Reuters/Ipsos, interviewed 4,214 adults and found that the media is last on a list of all of Washington’s institutions that the public has confidence in, even under Congress.

[Opinion: How local news can restore trust in the media]

CJR did not write up a report or analysis beyond an introduction on the “trust gap” it found. They wrote, “For decades, we’ve known that Americans don’t trust the press. What we haven’t known is how people view the makings of journalism, from the use of fact checkers and anonymous sources to the question of whether money skews journalistic decision-making. This new national poll for CJR answers those questions, and points to how big the trust gap remains.”

Instead of words, it showed the grim news in graphics.

In those graphics, it revealed the problem journalism faces. Some key findings:
The press led institutions for which the public has the lowest confidence.
Of all demographic groups, only Democrats expressed a positive confidence in the press.
40 percent get their news from TV.
40 percent get their news from online and social media sources.
6 percent get their news from newspapers and magazines.
60 percent believe that sources pay reporters.
41 percent are unlikely to believe stories filled with anonymous sources.
42 percent of Democrats believe the media isn’t biased. Just 10 percent of Republicans said the same.
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