Crazy Maxine Waters

Robert Massimi.
Crazy Maxine Waters is not fit for Congress. That’s saying something, being that we now have more craziness in Washington than ever before. From communists, socialists and far lefties, Washington is loonie. Maxine Waters doesnt want you to watch the state of the union address tonight because she disagrees with th er president.
The liberal agenda is that they want to take the bat and ball and go home. Never one for debate, the left argues like little children. It’s there way or the highway. How Maxine Waters wasn’t indicted for appropriations of funds, 12 million in all is a mystery to everyone.
So nutty Nancy Pelosi will have illegals at the state of the union, do will Alexandria Cortes and the left will continue to fight the president at every turn.
Ruth bader Ginsberg will not be there, she should step down as her health has failed her. If incapacitated, she should be made to step down.
With the Democrats looking like children, we need to build the wall. The Democrats are putting us in harms way and need to be held accountable.

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MAXINE MELTDOWN! Waters begs Americans to ‘turn the television off’ during Trump SOTU
FEBRUARY 5, 2019
Maxine Waters doesn’t want to hear what Donald Trump has to say tonight.

The California congresswoman melted down when asked if she would be listening to Trump’s second State of the Union address this evening.

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#AClassyClapback served the way only Auntie Maxine can- straight, no chaser. Read why @RepMaxineWaters still isn’t here for Trump’s #SOTU address: #ESSENCENews

6:16 PM – Feb 4, 2019
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“I don’t even know why he wants to come and give the State of the Union,” Waters huffed to Essence magazine.

“The state of the union under him has not been good,” she claimed, dismissing record low unemployment rates for black Americans and strong economic activity.

“And he has been divisive, and I think he’s putting us all in harm’s way. And so he is not worthy of being listened to,” Waters sneered.

“I don’t know why anybody would want to pay attention to anything that he has to say. He lies over and over again, like I said. 6,000 lies have been documented since he’s been there. I just can’t imagine what he’s going to try and say!” she said.

“But since he is a great liar, he’ll say anything,” and triggered Waters said, “uh, because he’s capable of saying anything without facts, without research. And so, I’m not looking forward to his State of the Union, and I hope people will turn the television off!”

Waters isn’t the only one triggered by Trump.

Last year, Luis Gutierrez, the illegal alien-loving congressman from Illinois, fled the House chamber.

Trump praised the Capitol building, calling it a monument to the American people.

As applause broke out, so did chants of “USA! USA! USA!”

Gutierrez left his seat as several Democrats patted him on the arm as he retreated to a safe space.


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Meg Wagner

We have a bipartisan standing ovation — and a lot of “USA!” chants.

10:29 PM – Jan 30, 2018
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William locantro maybe is the biggest fugazi in new york city. A real criminal by nature, he deserves jail time. With spike lee and al paligonia, he is an extortion artist.
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