As seen on FBI Tips OFF CNN On Roger Stone’s Arrest.

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Copy of How did CNN know of Roger Stone’s Arrest?
Robert Massimi.
How would CNN know that Roger Stone was being arrested at 6am unless the FBI told them? The FBI and there dirty tricks are at it again. It is obvious that Mueller and company tipped off the liberal news agency CNN, (the leader in fake news). They filmed Roger Stone being led away in hand cuffs. Rather than arrest Comey or Hilary Clinton, two real criminals, they arrest a meaningless person in the president elections committee. Comey, who fraudulently dupes General Flynn into answering questions, then indicts him, has that arrogant FBI grin on his face when he tells reporters “well he lied didn’t he”? It is this kind off scum bag tactics that has the American public hating the FBI/DOJ. Both organizations do not play by the rules, do not care if they deplete working peoples bank accounts defending themselves. It is obvious that they are jealous of working people, especially successful people. Unable to make it in the real world, they join a Government agency where they get a too generous pension, health care and all the perks and payoffs they can handle. Can you imagine, Comey travelled by motorcade and a private jet? Who the hell is he? A corrupt loser, who could never make it in the real world.
For the FBI to tip off CNN, heads need to role. It is beyond professional to do that, but then again, it is the FBI. The DOJ/FBI are two of the lowest organizations in the world. The IRS, EPA and SEC are very close behind. All losers who work for the Government because they cannot do anything else. Ghouls who prey on hard working people, who are jealous of success. The president should have the Attorney General look into this and indict whoever leaked this. Ofcourse, the AG is one of them, a fellow rat who would never hurt one of his own. After all, these Ghouls, these parasites, look after one another.
Robert Mueller, chief scum bag in the Trump investigation, seems to be running out of steam. A person who is eating from the poisonous tree,.he is in the cross hairs of conflict of interest. He was paid years ago by the Trump Organization, a direct conflict. Ofcourse one set of rules for the FBI and another set of rules for us. Mueller drags this investigation along to continue to get his free meals, his driven car and all the perks that these low lifes can get. This investigation is going on year three. It should have been concluded two years ago.
In the meantime, people like Hilary Clinton walk scott-free. She could have, should have, been indicted on a number of crimes. Benghazi, bleaching her server on her computer, perjury, pick one, anyone. She and her her husband, Bill, are two of the biggest criminals to ever come to Washington. Rife with payoffs, bribes and pay to play, these two low lifes walk free, free of there crime, free of shipping jobs over seas to China. Painted as a hero by the media, she used to call her DNC chair” a monkey” and would drink to excess and abuse her staff.
It is high time we make Government workers accountable for their actions. To inform CNN of the arrest is petty crap that should be called into question. The FBI has a history of making more mistakes than doing things right. Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma bombing, the screw up that lead to Gianni Versace’s death, and on, and on, and on. As American’s, we should weigh whether or not the FBI should exist. J.Edgar Hoover was at the start of this criminal enterprise. He bugged, followed, planted things and at the same time, had a very dark, perverted homosexual affair with his underlink at the FBI. Replete with womens cloths, this is who the Government put in to run the FBI, a pervert, a degenerate.
We are no further along today with the FBI. Second rate people with second rate minds run this organization. The FBI adds no value to our society. What do they accomplish? Control terrorism? The NSA does that. Keep criminals in line? I think not. I think what started out with good intentions has become a disaster of an agency. James “Hollywood” Comey is living proof. More interested in headlines, he did not do his job. He made up his mind before all the evidence of Hilary Clinton was in.The fix was in, like betting on the horses, Comey had no intention from the start of indicting “crooked Hilary”.
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