In The News. Pelosi, Covington Catholic school and William Locantro.

Robert Massimi.
Centrist Democrats are suggesting to Nancy Pelosi that she comes up with some compromise to unlock the stalemate of the Government shutdown. With 800,000 workers in the Government not receiving paychecks, Pelosi is starting to get pressure from middle of the road Democrats to end the stalemate.
Pelosi who was for the wall until Trump wanted it, looks foolish amongst her constituency who are more centraist. While she tried to travel abroad, she was embarrassed in staying in Washington to negotiate the shutdown. Trump has not left Washington, Pelosi, in the meantime, has been in Hawaii, while other Democrats vacationed in Puerto Rico, it does not bowed well for the Democrats.
The Catholic High School kids that were falsely accused of racial torment, were exonerated by law enforcement. Left wing media- social media had to retract there accusations. The media has not apologised nor admitted wrong doing. It is unbelievable how the media can lie, fabricate lies and then cover it up to keep the lie going. There needs to be sanctions imposed on the media when they blatantly lie. Media outlets like the N.Y. Times can put people in danger when they falsely report on what happened the other day. There reporting could have escalated into something really dangerous. Instead of paying fines, these leftist media outlets go on there merry way.
Many left wing Hollywood types were quick to jump on the bandwagon. There twitter posts had convicted the kids before the facts were out. Much like Ferguson, the left was quick to condemn the cops. Even when the facts came out, the actors and the media still vilified the cops. When the left doesn’t have all the facts, they yell louder. When a conservative has a faux paux, the left doesn’t let it go. It is so arrogant to be wrong and not admit it. The left has a tendency to double down in there cries and lies. It is high time that the media be held accountable for the false reporting. With standards in writing and reporting at an all time low, journalists need to learn the proper way of reporting. Facts need to be collected, reporting must be accurate and concise.
Today, we have such one sided media reporting that it is frightening. If you read newspapers like USA Today, the NY Times, The Daily News, the reporting is so one sided, very anti- Trump and anti Republican. It is one thing to report the news, it is another to report it with false information and factual bias, or non factual in most of these newspapers cases.
Absolut Electric and William Locantro almost took down Menards stores. William (Bill The Ape, William The Wrench aka Willy one nut) locanto met at Rigoletto’s, Pasqually’s on Arthur Avenue with Jimmy (The Irishman) Burns and a buyer named Roland. The scheme was to buy off goods and sell them to Menards as first quality garments. After his Bonanno families “pump and dump” scam, Locantro needed another outlet for scamming. Since Absolute Electrics contracting business was slowing down, “The Ape” needed another way to make money.What seemed like a sure fire scheme with DuQuan(Quan The Chimp) Bell, Fix and Flips were not in the cards of making the money that selling garments could bring.
Locantro used strong arm tactics on Roland with the help of Burns,the hard pipe hitting Irishman, who threatened Roland into taking in the garments for Menards. The payoff was also helpful, $30,000.00 cash for starters, more as the scam went on. The scam would be found out and “The Ape” would go back in the shadows of La Cosa Nostra and Electrical Contracting.
When the “pump and dump” game was over at Carnegie Childs, many of the Howard Beach, Ozone Park syndicate had to go there seperate ways. Leg breakers like Clifford Gash, aka Cliff Cash, John Tassone and Billy The Ape Locantro had to resort to new gimmicks. The fix and flips with DuQuan Brll snd the Mensrds scam was a couple of ways that William Locantro, the owner of Absolute Electrical Contractors could hide in the shadows. Halycion Jets was another. Locantro brought in Mitch Blatt to scheme revenue gimmicks. The former CFO of Coin mack was bounced from the company after a short period of time. It was apparent that he was not adept n ok r skilled at running a business. Mitch Blatt sued when he was fired.
Covington Catholic School
William Locantro
Joe Pizzoli Jr
E&W Textiles
Rigalettos Restaurant Arthur Ave
The Irishman
Menards Stores
Hobby Lobby
Jennifer Aniston
Mitch Blatt fired
Mob ties
Howard beach
Ozone park.
Absolute Electric

Author: nobullwithragingrobert

Was a drama critic at Manhattan College. Wrote professionally for Bergen News, Sun Bulletin . Alpha Sigma Lambda, Beta Theta. Has seen over 600 shows worldwide, has published both on Theater and Politics. Avid reader on many subjects and writers. Chief Drama critic for Metropolitan magazine. Writes for Jerrick media, American conservative, The City Journal and Reason magazine. Has produced shows both on and off Broadway.

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