FBI Special Council Has Special Privileges.

Every Single Person Who’s Challenged Mueller’s Authority Has Lost

Robert Massimi.

You would have a smile on your face like this dumb bastard has if you knew the deck was always stacked in your favor, always. Robert Mueller has gotten every great break from the courts. It has always been that way for the FBI. Hey if the deck wasn’t stacked, this moron of an agency would never win a case. Filled with morons and losers, the FBI tries to get Trump anyway; anyhow. This sleazy organization cannot get over the fact that there globalist, Clinton, was not elected. When the FBI does not have evidence they either make shit up or force witnesses to favor, either by intimidation or by leading questions. It is so evident to the American people at this point that the FBI is so blatant, so one sided against Trump that Mueller, like Comey, look like the idiots that they are. James”Hollywood” Comey yesterday came out and said he was against John Brennan’s clearance being taken away? That moron was so one sided against Trump, why should he have clearance?  This was the former head of the Central Lack Of Intelligence. A man who should not have any political because he is a civil servant (like a subway conductor), and yet this person went out of his way to try to get Clinton elected.

The U.S. Government with their unlimited power and budget can be a deadly force, thank God most of them are stupid,or it could have spelled disaster in that we would have had Clinton and not Trump. For so many of these people in the FBI, DOJ and CIA to be political is dangerous. We don’t need these people to have an opinion nor do we need them swaying the American people. The head of the criminal IRS and his merry band of idiots got caught under Obama not granting conservative groups charitable status. A blatant crime and yet Kostigan walked. He also had the temerity to give out bonuses to agents like he was running a Fortune 500 Company. Imagine that idiot trying to run a business? The U.S.Government is where people go who cannot go into the real world or teach. In other words, they are third rate people who get paid by the US tax payer. Maybe they should never forget that.

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As former Roger Stone aide Andrew Miller challenges special counsel Robert Mueller‘s authority to subpoena him, an unrelated case has dealt Miller a dose of bad news.

Concord Management and Consulting, a company allegedly involved in a Russian troll farm scheme, lost its challenge of Mueller’s authority this week.

“The Special Counsel may investigate the Russian government’s interference ‘efforts,’ which involved non-governmental third parties,” the Trump-appointed Judge Dabney L. Friedrich ruled. “Concord’s alleged actions are therefore within the scope of the Special Counsel’s investigation.”

The court then dismissed Concord’s motion to dismiss the indictment. What it means: Every single person who has challenged Mueller’s authority has lost.

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, whose fate is currently hanging in the balance of a jury, attempted it and saw his suit dismissed by Judge Amy Berman Jackson in D.C. Nor did Judge T.S. Ellis III rule that special counsel was out of bounds in prosecuting Manafort, despite Ellis’ blatant skepticism of Mueller’s intentions.

Chief Judge Beryl A. Howell of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia already smacked down Miller’s lawsuit challenging Mueller’s authority, but Miller still refused to comply with the subpoena. Consequently, the court held Miller in contempt, which is what Miller wanted.

Law&Crime previously explained that Miller wanted to be held in contempt so he could appeal the judge’s ruling on Mueller’s authority through a challenge of the contempt charge. Another aspect that was explored is that Miller’s challenge, if it fails, may end up making Mueller stronger. 

Needless to say, more and more judges agreeing that Mueller is acting well within his authority is not a good sign for Miller’s appeal. It appears the appeal process in this case may drag out to October.

President Donald Trump‘s attorney Rudy Giuliani indicated that, if need be, the ultimate argument about Mueller’s authority to subpoena Trump could take place at the U.S. Supreme Court.

[Image via Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images]

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