This Is How The Sleazy FBI Works; Particularly Robert Mueller III.

Robert Massimi.

<img src=”; border=”0″ /> This how the FBI works; just like this: the FBI subpoenas a former NYC madam who knows Roger Stone and his wife personally (he is godfather to her child). They move up the date for her to testify, when she protests about child care, the FBI tells her”you have time to talk to the press you can get down here”. They tell her they are paying for her ticket yet they put it on her charge card! Classy these FBI people! She gets down there, they ask leading questions, don’t forget they have unlimited power, unlimited resources( if they didn’t these idiots would never win a case) , they pull there usual intimidation tactics on her. The FBI target is Roger Stone, the FBI had to fire Peter Skoszi because he was caught red handed as a Trump hater. Mueller, with his conflict of interest presses on with a case that has cost taxpayers millions, Mueller keeps getting paid,however. Mueller is on the public dime, getting all his free press and accolades from the left and yet this worthless piece of shit is able to continue his witch hunt. 

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The FBI/DOJ continues to convict, tries to convict innocent people. As Americans, we should all be concerned about this behavior. This is threatening to all peoples of America. We need all the government to answer for behavior like this whether the IRS, EPA, SEC, DOJ, FBI or the people in Congress. To treat this women the way they did is a disgrace, plain and simple.

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Kristin Davis talks about Russia investigation

– The woman known as the “Manhattan Madam” for once running a high-end prostitution ring in New York City says she was bullied by Robert Mueller’s team when she was forced to testify in front of a grand jury in connection with the Russia investigation.

Kristin Davis said she was forced to answer leading questions on the character of her longtime friend and colleague Roger Stone.

“I left there feeling very sick to my stomach,” Davis said in an interview on Fox 5’s Good Day New York.

She also says her subpoena was moved up and she was only given four days notice to get to Washington, D.C.

“I basically said ‘I don’t have child care for a 2-year-old’ and they said ‘if you can talk to the media you can figure out how to get your son to D.C.’,” Davis said.

She said they provided a plane ticket but the charges ended up on her credit card.  She’s not expecting the government to fully reimburse her for the expenses.

Stone is a longtime friend and supporter of President Trump and his name has been linked to the investigation into possible collusion between the Russian government and the Trump presidential campaign.

“I don’t think any collusion happened,” Davis said.

She says she knows nothing about what they are looking for and guesses why she was subpoenaed.

“I think part of it might have been to frustrate Roger (Stone),” Davis says.

Roger Stone and his wife are godparents to her child.   Davis has refused to publicly named the father.

As for why she agreed to appear on Good Day New York, Davis said, “I watch the news all day Friday and I’m watching everyone else talk for me.  I just thought I should come on and actually speak for myself.”

Davis ended by saying she might consider another run for public office.  Davis ran for governor in 2010.

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