New World Order Nervous Over Rise Of Populism in Europe And American Mid Terms.

Robert Massimi.

The Bilderberg’s  are getting mighty nervous of the latest occurrence in Italy. A populace is elected and wants the Muslims out, he wants tax reductions and reform of the government, all the things the Bilderberg’s hate. The socialist organization with globalists like Henry Kissinger are worried that with tax reform, keeping jobs in there countries and letting go of socialist policies, the New World Order will start to lose it’s grip. The Rockefeller’s , the Rothchilds, and the Fords will have less of a say in what goes on globally. George Soros, the long time leader of havoc around the world , not limited to Latin and South America, Europe as well as Africa, one of the prime financiers of the protests in America has been exposed for what he is, a globalist who wants citizens dependent on there respective governments.

It is right now not looking any better for the Bilderberg’s in our Mid Term elections here. With unemployment at  3.8%, if the economy keeps strong, we can see a landslide for Republicans in November. It is not the Republicans however, it is the Trump leadership that has turned the tide. A businessman, who does things in a pragmatic way that has gotten results. It is not because of embalmed Mitch Mc Connell, or “singing”  John Mc Cain nor is it Ryan who has done this, career politicians who like the comfort of the system, but rather Trump who is the reason for the strong turnaround.

It is Trumps message that has gotten people like the Czechoslovakian businessman elected. Only 31 years old, he spoke like Trump did on the campaign trail and won. Italy went for a businessman, as did Germany in getting a majority in the cabinet their. France has made conservative advancement as has England. Austria is making headway in the conservative movement and so is Spain. People her and abroad are tired of the socialists ways, working harder for less, over regulated and constantly being told what to do. Many of these secret societies are beginning to see a revolt against there policies, many here, a races, are beginning to see the positive affects that Trump has had on the economy.

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