Left Wing Loon Pocahontas Defends Communist China.

Robert Massimi.

How do the people elect morons like this? Elizabeth Warren came out and defended a dictatorship stating that in essence that they are smarter then all of us when it comes to playing people and negotiating. She said that they are a force because the communists unite everyone to think there way. She talked briefly about the people jailed who disagree with the regime and she touched on how all the intellectuals have given up fighting the dictatorship. To listen to her she praises the leader of China, tells us that the up coming summit with North Korea is all but dead because China is pulling the strings here. Like Nancy Pelosi she spews statements that make no sense further making statements that are not even close to factual. The Chinese people for the most part are oppressed, the economy has come to a stand still and pollution in all major cities there is intolerable. The people go along with the leadership there because they have no choice. People are imprisoned there daily for anarchist beliefs, they are tortured and send to re training  camps, just look at what is happening to the Muslims in that country, forced to eat pork and drink as they get re educated to Chin’s ways. Christians cannot practice there faith unless the church is approved by the Chinese government, that is why many Christians practice at underground Churches in China.

Warren is way off base here, she is clueless to the inhuman way the Chinese government treats there people. Human life is cheap there and people dye everyday from starvation and torture.It is a brutal regime, on that hacks our businesses, military and our innovative technology daily. It builds land on the sea to have more of it, it is brutal towards Taiwan and anyone else who pushes back. It was people like Elizabeth Warren who voted to ship our jobs there creating a behemoth that wants to be the dominate player in this world. To praise the communists like she did is beyond head scratching, this vile regime does everything it can to obtain world power and our government in the past handed it to them on a silver platter. I cannot believe people voted for this idiot. She appears to have no clue hoe China’s government operates.


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Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren would rather praise communist China than the President of the United States.

The 2020 presidential hopeful and darling of the left appeared on CBS This Morning to hawk her new book when host John Dickerson brought up North Korea and the progress President Trump’s made in pressuring the rouge nation to de-nuclearize its military.

But Warren insisted the president doesn’t have a clear strategy, and suggested Trump take ques from North Korea’s communist neighbor to the north.


“There is a North Korean official apparently coming to America. You said the president doesn’t look like he has a strategy, but it looks like his calling off the summit last week seems to have lit a fire under the North Koreans. Three hostages have been released, so maybe there is a strategy?” Dickerson said.

“You know, look. North Korea is a bad actor, we understand that, uh and uh, the president had already promised that they could have a meeting with the President of the United States, something that both Kim Jong Un’s father and grandfather had long, long sought,” Warren said.

“Then it’s been back and it’s been forth. I want this to work, I want this to work to reduce the threat to South Korea, to Japan, to our allies in the region, to the United States of America, to the entire world, but it really takes a strategy and I look at the comparison with China,” she said.

“Look at what China is doing,” Warren continued. “China’s got the long term arc and it’s playing everybody. It’s playing North Korea, it’s playing South Korea, it’s playing the United States of America because it has a long-term whole-of-government strategy that keeps driving towards an end.”

The “whole-of-government” strategy is no doubt a product of China’s communist government, which has repeatedly jailed or tortured anyone who doesn’t align with its views.

The Communist party of China – the only political party in China – also recently announced that it eliminated term limits for the country’s president and vice president, which essentially turned the China’s 65-year-old leader Xi Jinping into a dictator for life, The Guardian reports.

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“What is going on here is that Xi Jinping is setting himself up to rule China as a strongman, a personalistic leader – I have no problem calling it a dictator – for life,” Susan Shirk, former President Bill Clinton’s deputy Secretary of State, told the news site.

The move solidifies Communist control over the “whole-of-government,” making it much easier to keep “driving towards an end” than in a Democracy like America, though Shirk and others seem to believe that “strategy” will ultimately fail.

“It’s hard for me to see how this kind of police state that puts such severe restrictions on civil society and on information and on the educational system is really going to be a successful modern China,” Shirk told The Guardian. “I expect there is going to be some form of push back eventually – he’s already lost the intellectuals.”

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