Spike Lee Boiling The Pot at Cannes Should Get His Facts Straight.

Robert Massimi.

Spike Lee went off on Donald Trump for not speaking out against the South Carolina shootings, He called Trump a racist but misses the point. Trump is not a racist first and foremost. What I meant about missing the point is that David Duke, one of his main characters in his new movie” Blackkksman “, was a Democrat liberal, LBJ, who was also a Klansman, a big time liberal Democrat. Lee misses the point as I said, he slings racism at the Republicans and never stopped to realize that the Republicans stopped slavery, were always on the side of the inequality the blacks have had in this country. Democrats have always given it lip service, hence more black people supporting Trump. Under Trump, black unemployment is at the lowest ever, blacks are waking up to that. For Lee to come out and curse the president is a disgrace in Cannes, he showed how ignorant he is. He rants on Trump for not speaking out about the clash in South Carolina, however, not to many Democrats did either.

For Spike Lee to rant about Trump is senseless, he should rant about the Democrats who have done zilch for the blacks since the 60’s. Lee is your typical Hollywood liberal, he just blames Republicans without his facts, the liberal from West Virginia, Jay Rockefeller was a Klansman as were many Democrats in the past and there still is bigotry among them towards blacks.  His new movie will fuel the fire of racial divide. I have to say that relations between blacks and whites in New York City are the best they have been, I felt very comfortable going into Harlem to watch”Raisin In The Sun”, Harlem was a place I would not have survived in the 80′ or 90’s, even the early 2000’s. Lee’s movie will bring back hostilities toward race relations and that seems senseless



Spike Lee and Jordan Peele Collaborate on Black Klansman, the True Story of a Black Man Who Infiltrated the KKK

Spike Lee; Jordan Peele (@THR via Twitter screenshot)

Legendary black Hollywood stalwart Spike Lee is collaborating with upstart Jordan Peele on Black Klansman, a true-life account of a black police detective who infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan.

Lee will direct and produce, while Peele will also produce.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Ron Stallworth answered a 1978 newspaper ad in Colorado Springs, Colo., seeking new Klan members. Stallworth, again, who is African American, actually rose through the KKK ranks to become a local chapter leader, mostly doing his work with the terrorist group via phone or mail. When he was needed in person, he sent a white officer in his place.

John David Washington, the son of Denzel and Pauletta Washington, is reportedly in talks to star in the thriller. The film is based on the 2014 book of the same name, not on the 1966 blaxploitation film, also of the same name.

Production is expected to begin this fall.

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Ms. Bronner Helm is Contributing Editor at The Root. Rise Up. Wise Up. Eyes Up. Stay Up.

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