Judicial Watch Uncovers Comey, Mueller Cover up.


Robert Massimi.
It has been a bad year for the Deep State. From the uncovering of George Soros money going into Universities, his moving the board on South and Latin America, the protests and riots that are paid for by him and his foundation. Also uncovered is how the government, who also operates in the shadows is being exposed for the criminals and frauds that they are. James Comey conversed with Robert Mueller about Trump, a major no no when it is your boss that you are trying to impale. It gets worse for these two, Judicial Watch is demanding documents that may well expose these two.
 All of the problems that have been exposed as of late is boding well for the Republicans. Money is coming into the RNC, the DNC is broke, and the Democrats are left with lefty loons like crazy Maxine, Nutty Nancy and crying Chuck Schummer to lead the party. It is no wonder with a good economy, the Mid Terms are tightening up. Look for the Democrats to get steam rolled in the elections, especially id N Korea makes a deal with Trump. It is amazing how the turn of events have banged the Democrats over the head. With the latest Comey, Mueller debacle and topped of with John Brennan, the American people are starting to see just how corrupt our government is and how they take there vendettas over the line. I hope some of these people will see jail time as they should. These people are the first to point fingers, arrest people whether innocent or guilty, they hold people up with there sleaze tactics and do not care if they ruin a person or not. 
  It is clear that the American public is starting to get what the government does, how they do it. Thank God for organizations like Judicial Watch. This organization keeps the government on there toes, makes sure that the government does not exploit there power. I hope they can bring to light and expose these criminals and bring justice to the forefront. It is clear that the left has tried to stack the deck there way for a very long time regardless of the way they get things done. One only has to look at the Clinton’s, their pay to play foundation that is corrupt as George Soros foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation and the Gates Foundation. These globalists need to be exposed and brought out of the shadows.

FBI advised James Comey to consult with Robert Mueller on testimony: Judicial Watch

By PoliticsFOXBusiness

Judicial Watch obtains emails showing FBI advised Comey to work with Mueller

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton on the newly released emails that show that FBI officials advised former FBI Director James Comey to coordinate his congressional testimony last summer with special counsel Robert Mueller.

New emails obtained by the government watchdog group Judicial Watch revealed that top FBI officials advised former FBI Director James Comey to consult with special counsel Robert Mueller about his congressional testimony last summer.

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The latest discovery from Department of Justice (DOJ) emails seems to bolster reports that Comey’s opening statement and subsequent testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee may have been partially coordinated with Mueller.

“It’s further confirmation that both the FBI and Mueller had coordinated on Mr. Comey’s anti-Trump, Russia testimony from last year,” Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton told FOX Business’ Trish Regan on Thursday.

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Allowing Comey to publicly discuss his conversations with President Donald Trump indicates that the FBI and Mueller were not in pursuit of the truth in their investigation, but were out to get the president, according to Fitton.

“Typically, former government officials or current government officials aren’t allowed to testify about communications they had with the president directly,” he said on “Lou Dobbs Tonight.”

Fitton said the documents reveal an abuse of power between the nation’s top law enforcement agency and the Mueller team.

“You have to wonder why the FBI and Mueller allowed Comey to come out there and attack the president,” he said.

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