Maxine Waters Needs Psychiatric Help

Robert Massimi.

Like Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters has appeared to lost her mind, she gets on the floor of the House and rambles and babbles about things that do not make sense. Also, like Pelosi, she just is there to go against Trump. Trump can say it’s black, Waters will say it’s white. Waters will never agree with the president, what’s troubling is that she continually calls the president racist even when blacks have the lowest unemployment in history. The partisan politics is getting old, Schummer, Pelosi and Waters are just in the way. With all the progress we are making, you have people like Hilary Clinton, James Comey and John Brennan doing tours bad mouthing the president as well. All three are failed government workers that nobody cares about and most wish that they would go away. Maxine Waters is the problem of Washington, a do nothing, grandstanding to her constituency just like Pelosi and Schummer, the public is getting sick of, has been sick of the Washington establishment. Here we have a president who has done what no other president has done with North Korea, they bash him, unemployment is low, they bash him, he makes headway in the Middle East they bring up Russia. The American public is wondering when it will end. The public is starting to turn on Mueller, the establishment and Washington is to stupid to see it.One clue to these people should be the record of outsiders who ran in the primaries and won. There is a changing of the winds in Washington and it should be noticed; people are feed up with the career lawyer/politicians that have put America in a bad way over the years.


Maxine Waters Reacts to Kanye’s Praise of Trump: He ‘Sometimes Talks Out of Turn’

The Five: Rahm Emanuel Throws Cold Water on Maxine Waters’ Trump Impeachment Demand

Pennsylvania Congressman Mike Kelly (R) will join Neil on “Cavuto Live” Saturday at 10 AM ET to respond to Waters.

Democratic California Congresswoman Maxine Waters, a frequent Trump critic, blasted a Pennsylvania Republican for mentioning the prospect of “making America great again.”

Rep. Mike Kelly, who represents Erie and Butler, said on the House floor that lawmakers must work harder toward “trying to make sure that we’re making America great every day in every way.”

“Stop talking about discrimination and start talking more about the nation,” he said. “We are coming together as a people in spite of what you say.”

Before Waters was offered the floor, Rep. Tom McClintock (R-Calif.) — the presiding officer at the time — reminded Kelly to address remarks to the chair.

Waters, of South Los Angeles, began speaking and appeared to shout at Kelly, who was apparently turning to exit the House chamber.

She told Kelly not to leave and said she was “offended as an African-American woman than you will ever be” at what he had said.

McClintock slammed his gavel and told Waters to address her remarks to him, the chairman, rather than other members like Kelly.

A voice that resembled Kelly’s could be heard off-camera asking Waters to yield to McClintock.

“Don’t you dare talk to me like that,” she said in Kelly’s direction, adding that McClintock allegedly did not interrupt the Republican the same way.

Waters said Kelly made “outrageous remarks” and said she “resent[s] that remark about making America great again.”

Waters continued, saying President Donald Trump is a “dishonorable president” and further reprimanding Kelly, telling him that she would “yield not one second to you.”

Waters added that she also resented Kelly, an automobile dealership owner in Pennsylvania, for insinuating prior to the tense exchange that supporters of regulation do not understand the business of selling cars.

Hillary Praises Maxine Waters for Pushing Back on ‘White Supremacist’ Views From White House

Maxine Waters Tells Democrats to ‘Get Ready for Impeachment’

Latest from Fox News Channel

Laura Ingraham blasted former Ronald Reagan confidant George Will for a blistering attack on Vice President Mike Pence that the columnist made in The Washington Post.

Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz reacted to Sen. Charles Schumer of New York “berating” President Trump’s kind words for North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un after he released American hostages.

Tucker Carlson said Wall Street Journal reporter Kimberley Strassel published a story raising the possibility that a federal government “mole” was planted in the Trump presidential campaign in 2016.

Hillary Clinton recently took another trip abroad where she discussed her 2016 election lost to then-New York City developer Donald Trump.



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