Time to End The Correspondent Dinner.

President Donald Trump has declared that the annual White House Correspondents Dinner is 'DEAD as we know it' because Saturday's annual event included particularly vicious and divisive slaps at his top aides

Robert Massimi.

Michelle Wolf made a first class jackass out of herself on Saturday night at the correspondence dinner. The jokes were beyond raunchy, low class and crass. How some of the most sophisticated people in Washington media had to listen is beyond question. The Democrats brought in a real low life to poke fun at Sarah Huckabee  Sanders, Ann Coulter, Eric and Donald Trump, abortion, her private parts and the NRA. Her attacks were not jokes, they were done in a very mean spirited way, much like Alec Baldwin on SNL. It is one thing to not have the same political ideology, it is quite another to go out an verbally hack up someone like she did to Ms. Sanders. To look at Sarah Sanders face, one could only feel both sorry for her and mad at Wolf. There was no need to attack her like that, it was supposed to be a fun night with light humor, this was not light humor. If the Republicans went after Obama in this fashion when he was president at this dinner they would have been excoriated.

The left needs to get some class and needs to move on that Trump is the president and that his numbers are so far so good. He is getting praise heaped on him from South Korea, France and Saudi Arabia. Countries that once shunned us are now coming around and are trying to do business with us. Making money and a good economy solves a lot of problems, many world leaders are seeing this and are coming knocking. Trump is able to deal with world leaders as a businessman, using common sense. As a result, countries have no choice but to come to the table. The role back of regulations are making businesses and people feel good about there jobs and the country. The left still has not digested this and refuse to have an open mind and let Trump see what he can accomplish. The left has always wanted it there way, if they don’t get there own way, they take there ball and go home. Saturday night was just another example, the left can’t lose with dignity.


Michelle Wolf

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Barack Obama



Author: nobullwithragingrobert

Was a drama critic at Manhattan College. Wrote professionally for Bergen News, Sun Bulletin . Alpha Sigma Lambda, Beta Theta. Has seen over 600 shows worldwide, has published both on Theater and Politics. Avid reader on many subjects and writers. Chief Drama critic for Metropolitan magazine. Writes for Jerrick media, American conservative, The City Journal and Reason magazine. Has produced shows both on and off Broadway.

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