Liberal Media Does Not Talk About Trump’s Accomplishments.

Robert Massimi.

The liberal media, the fake news does not mention all the big doings going on in the world. I ask you, when was the last time we had this good of a relationship with France? When Reagan bombed Khaddahi’s home in Libya, France would not let us refuel there. Obama never attended the peace march for the victims of terrorism,(the only world leader not to), George W. Bush was hated for the Iraq war in France. Marcon and Trump got on famously this week at the white house, as did both first ladies.

Even bigger news is that North and South Korea’s leaders met yesterday for the first time. Give Trump an assist, his tough rhetoric may have brought North Korea to the table, or maybe Trump putting big pressure on China led to that, either way Trump has done more for foreign policy then any president since Eisenhower. The media or Democrats will never acknowledge this, however. It is politics and bullshit as usual with them. I suspect many of these career politicians will be voted out as the American people are sick of the partisan politics.

There is also no mention of the lowest unemployment among blacks and Latinos. The press has omitted this, so we need to ask, don’t we deserve a media that just tells us whats going on in the world and too do it with unbiased. I look at the media, the FBI/DOJ, the IRS and other government organizations and ask the same question.Anyone who watched Comey this week knows that the FBI/DOJ has bias. These organizations are supposed to not be but they are.

Americans need to demand that the news, our government agencies act accordingly and do there jobs objectively. Many newspapers have seen drops in there circulations because of biased, fake news. The American people want fair reporting, not a writers personal opinion. Congress must let Trump implement more of his ideas and the Democrats need to get back to center rather then the far left loonicy that is now the Democratic party. If Obama brought the Korea’s to the table, he would probably be given another Nobel prize, yet the mainstream media does not even acknowledge Trump.

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N.Korea says inter-Korean summit will be a ‘new milestone’

by Reuters
Saturday, 28 April 2018 01:29 GMT

SEOUL, April 28 (Reuters) – North Korea’s state news agency said on Saturday the inter-Korean summit a day earlier will be a “new milestone” in bringing about joint prosperity and a turning point for the Korean peninsula.

The North’s central news agency separately released the joint statement North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in announced on Friday after the first summit in more than a decade between the two Koreas.

Kim and Moon had pledged to work for “complete denuclearisation” of the Korean peninsula and agreed on a common goal of a “nuclear-free” peninsula. (Reporting by Christine Kim Editing by Paul Tait)

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    Mangroves and mapping help Mozambique tackle climate change

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Mangroves and mapping help Mozambique tackle climate change

by Adela Suliman | @adela_suliman | Thomson Reuters Foundation
Friday, 27 April 2018 18:20 GMT

ARCHIVE PHOTO: A fisherman cleans his boat beneath Maputo’s skyline, in this picture taken August 15, 2015. REUTERS/Grant Lee Neuenburg

“Mangroves are our first line of defence”By Adela Suliman

BONN, Germany, April 27 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Mozambique not only has one of Africa’s longest coastlines; it is also the final destination for at least nine transnational rivers.

That makes it a hostage to geography, says Manuel de Araujo, the mayor of Quelimane, a port city of 450,000 people that lies about 1,000 kilometres (623 miles) north of the capital Maputo.

The fact that 60 percent of the country’s population lives along the coast adds to the challenges of managing climate change, he said in Bonn on Friday at an international conference on building resilient cities.

With frequent extreme weather threatening the delicate urban balance of Quelimane – most of which lies below sea-level – the population is extremely vulnerable to climate risks, he said.

“The city is easily flooded both from rain and from marine floods and tides – sometimes they all happen at the same time,” he said.

In Quelimane, one solution involves restoring hectares of mangroves, which act as a nature-based solution against flooding, helping to stem the tide by preventing soil erosion.

“Mangroves are our first line of defence,” Araujo said of the scheme, which is supported by the U.S. development agency USAID.

The project has a social dimension too: mangrove nurseries are planted in the poorest parts of the city, where residents, particularly women, manage and conserve the young plants.

High levels of poverty meant people were used to cutting down mangroves for cooking or building, he said.

But working with schools and religious leaders, and putting out a conservation message in the local language via radio, means the community now knows to protect mangroves.

“There is a political buy-in given that community members and leaders are involved in all stages of the restoration process,” he said.

“This is very important as it brings ownership to the people.”


A further 670 kilometres northeast of Quelimane is the popular tourist city of Pemba. Its mayor, Tagir Carimo, said nearly one-third of the city is vulnerable to climate threats such as flooding and soil erosion.

On the very day that Carimo was sworn in as mayor, Pemba was pummelled by heavy rain and flooding, the consequences of which he is still fixing.

One major effort by his city has been to use satellite imagery and local knowledge to map parcels of land and neighbourhoods at higher risks of climate effects, such as flooding, he told the conference in Bonn.

“The main gains are that from (maps) we can see properly what type of land we can use and advise people on which kinds of materials they should use to build houses, roads and so on,” he said.

Whether building climate-proof homes or city-wide drainage systems, he said, the population now feels more secure knowing that they are developing land in safe or low-risk areas.

Mozambique is one of the world’s poorest countries, with an average life expectancy of 58, according to the World Bank. That makes it ill-equipped to fund adaptation to climate threats, said Carimo.

“The main difficulty is how to provide long-term finance,” Carimo told the Thomson Reuters Foundation, particularly when short-term survival often seems more pressing.

However, Araujo noted, the two might soon merge: disasters cost Mozambique between 1 and 5 percent of GDP annually, with that figure set to rise due to climate change, he said.

Given the country’s growing population and increased migration to its coastal cities, both mayors said a shift in mindset was needed from funders to allow climate change adaption and development to go hand-in-hand.

(Reporting by Adela Suliman, Editing by Robert Carmichael. Please credit the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the charitable arm of Thomson Reuters, that covers humanitarian news, women’s rights, trafficking, property rights, climate change and resilience. Visit

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.


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