Deep State Behind Protests.

The Deep State has formed and funded these rallies all across the country. Just because you had lefties like Amy Schummer,(niece of asshole Chuck Schummer), out front protesting, do not be fooled. People like George Soros has funded this, trying to make the image that we are going in the wrong direction. The fact is unemployment among minorities and women are at there lowest ever, people like Schummer and Pelosi  would have you think otherwise. Chucky has been tweeting victory for the left. but we all lost with the passage of the 1.3 billion dollar budget.

I find it ironic that we had more shootings under Obama but they show up now to protest, why? The council on foreign relations and other deep state organizations want Trump out, he is an outsider who cannot be bought. The CFR can buy Paul Ryan, Mitch Mc Connell and his wife but not Trump. The deep state is doing whatever they can to undermine  Trump. Tonight on 60 minutes you have a porn star who gets paid to make movies about sex, with explicit sex scenes, talking about here liaison with Trump. Are you gonna tell me he was the first president to have sex with a prostitute? Where was this will Bill Clinton, JFK?

The longer this goes on, Mueller, Stormy Daniels and the mass protests, the more the deep state wants to divide us. The more Trump gets ahead, however, the less the public will listen to these people. The more that Ryan and co back-stabs the party, the more that business people will run for public office. Right now it is a wait and see game of how well Trump performs. He should have vetoed that bill and shut down the government regardless if it hurts the party, the people of the swamp will know that he means business.

HOGG WILD! David Hogg Rallies Democrats in DC: “If You Listen Real Close You Can Hear the People in Power Shaking” (VIDEO)


The anti-gun lobby held protests across the nation today against gun rights.

Democrat protest leader David Hogg spoke at the massive rally in Washington DC on Pennsylvania Avenue to tens of thousands of anti-gun protesters.

David Hogg rallied the young Democrat voters: The cold grasp of corruption shackles the District of Columbia. The winter is over. Change is here. The sun shines on a new day. And the day is ours. First time voters show up 18% of the time in midterm elections. not any more. (applause) Now who here is going to vote in the 2018 election. If you listen real close you hear the people in power shaking.

Hogg ended his speech with the black power salute.
Good grief.

Watch this end of Hogg’s speech.
This guy is one angry kid!

UPDATE: CSPAN did not show the fist pounding salute.

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