South Korea To Shut Of Tech In Night Time.

Robert Massimi.

In an effort to stop it’s workaholic culture, South Korea is passing legislation to stop work on weekends and in the evenings and I could not agree more. How many times have you been called during dinner time? On Sunday’s? Saturday evenings? It seems with the advent of the cell phone and the computer, work never stops.

   It is not a stretch to say that technology has ruined many of lives, keeps us always working. I applaud S. Korea for this, people need down time or they will go insane, become stale at there jobs, make mistakes and lose interest in what they do.
  I think the USA should look at this because many people are working themselves to death. People go on vacation only to be looking at their phones constantly and answering emails via phone, spending little or no time with the family. It is fair to say that technology like the phone and computers has hampered our way of life.
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South Korea to start turning computers off in the evening to force people to stop working late

The industrious nation works some of the longest hours on the planet

(Image: Tetra images RF)

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South Korea has resorted to drastic measures to try and stop a workaholic culture engulfing its country.

The government has announced a new initiative that shuts down its employee’s computers at 8pm on Fridays to force them to leave work on time.

The country has some of the longest working hours in the world with government employees clocking up an average of 2,739 hours a year.

Seoul Metropolitan Government says it will roll out the initiative over the next three months, beginning on March 30.

South Korea works some of the longest hours on the planet (Image: AFP)

Kim Jong-un meet South Korean officials in historic meeting

There will be three phases to the plan – starting with the 8pm switch-off then bringing it back to 7.30pm and finally to 7pm for the final phase.

According to the BBC , there will be some exemptions provided in special circumstances.

Amazingly, 67.1% of government workers have asked to be exempt from the forced restriciton.

Earlier this month, the government also passed a law to cut down the maximum weekly working hours from 68 to 52.

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(edited)54 minutes ago

South Korea is today where Japan was in their booming 1980s and workers collapsed and died on the job from overwork – and where the US was in the early 1900s before labor laws. This is not the job of government to control but instead should be the job of companies to control. If they cannot control it, then government should step in and dictate maximum working hours in a week. Start severely fining these companies for employee abuse and they’ll take action on their own.

(edited)2 hours ago

 I dont think over work is a problem In America getting people to work is the problem.

(edited)59 minutes ago

Well that tends to happen when you have half the population living off the government dole and don’t pay any taxes (and yes, half of the US doesn’t pay any federal income taxes). In half a century we have gone from a nation of hard workers to a nation of fat lazy slobs asking for handouts instead of getting off their fat bums. Thank you liberals. Mission accomplished.

(edited)4 hours ago

in Spite of the long hours they are not that productive. Your efficiency drops off pretty fast after 45 hours, Those hours over 50 are filled with mistakes and low accomplishment. unless you are just monitoring something you might as well get some rest and do youyr best work when you are alert like the first 6 hours of the day.

(edited)6 hours ago

The Government intention is nice but I think it should carry out the policy in a nice way since the people are so used to working long hours,it would take a little time for proper adjustment.

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