Lemon, Cuomo,And The CNN Liberals Jump On Trump, Gun Control.

Robert Massimi.

The bodies aren’t even warm yet and big league lefties like Lemon and Chris Cuomo are on the airwaves blaming Trump for the shootings. How many school shootings did we have under Obama? Is it a president who causes this? Are these two really that stupid?

The fact is the NRA is a powerful organization, the other fact is that this is a major concern in our country where both sides must come to grips with a solution rather then the symptom. I think armed guards in each and every school will help the situation, could even eliminate the problem.

It is also a fact that people will get guns even if they are completely banned, just like people have been getting drugs since the 1800’s. Because something is illegal will not prevent people from getting it. Remember prohibition? If you eliminate guns all together the bad guys will still have them, or do you think they will turn them in? I think not!

What really irks me is that liberals like Lemon and Cuomo blame Trump. When it was Obama, it was gun control, not him. Now that Trump is in office it is him, not gun control. It is no wonder that CNN’s ratings are in the pits. MSNBC, Donny The Asshole Deutsche was on the air also blaming Trump, the gun lobby, conservatives over a kid who was deranged,  who the FBI was warned about, who did nothing about it, yet Donny wants to blame Trump as Lemon does.

Let’s vet gun owners, and let’s vet morons on the air as well.

Robert M Massimi.


Fox News

John Lemon

Chris Cuomo

President Trump.

Steve Bannon.





Author: nobullwithragingrobert

Was a drama critic at Manhattan College. Wrote professionally for Bergen News, Sun Bulletin . Alpha Sigma Lambda, Beta Theta. Has seen over 600 shows worldwide, has published both on Theater and Politics. Avid reader on many subjects and writers. Chief Drama critic for Metropolitan magazine. Writes for Jerrick media, American conservative, The City Journal and Reason magazine. Has produced shows both on and off Broadway.

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