No Bull With Raging Robert. (Robert Massimi). Koskinen Fired.

One of the great bullshit artists associated with the Obama administration is soon to be ousted. This was a Government official who should be partisan with the office he held and the power he had. Instead he went after many Republican officials and citizens.

He had the balls to pay his staff bonuses as if it was a corporation, (maybe someone should have told him he is not running a business, just a Government RAT SHIP). I watched this Fugazy time and time again go up on the Hill to testify about his shenanigans and underworld dealings with people who he felt did not agree with him or his politics. I watched this garbage can lie over and over. It is amazing that he was never indicted, but I guess when your in the club, it doesn’t happen. It s only when you cross the line that  happens ie Sen Menendez .  It is amazing how far Koskinen, Holder, Lynch, Comey, Obama, Clinton have gone over the line. I want to see if the new charges stick to Clinton and Obama over the Russian Uranium deal.

Robert M. Massimi says goodbye, to Koskinen. He is a piece of shit and should have gone to jail, but being in the New World Order club it is unfortunate he most likely will not.


Author: nobullwithragingrobert

Was a drama critic at Manhattan College. Wrote professionally for Bergen News, Sun Bulletin . Alpha Sigma Lambda, Beta Theta. Has seen over 600 shows worldwide, has published both on Theater and Politics. Avid reader on many subjects and writers. Chief Drama critic for Metropolitan magazine. Writes for Jerrick media, American conservative, The City Journal and Reason magazine. Has produced shows both on and off Broadway.

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